I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!

I’m TRYING to temper my excitement…but I have my NEXT appointment tomorrow. SQUEEE! Yes, I know I can’t get my hopes up. This is a process and I have to remember that. It’s just so hard when I THINK I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to rush forward to it & never look back. But I have to remember to pace myself.


It’s good to be excited! The act of getting help is therapeutic in itself, in addition to or despite of what happens in the sessions. Do you have a list of things you’re hoping to talk about? Questions or concerns? What do you know about what is going to happen in this appointment based on the last one?

Hoping it goes well for you!


What happened??? How’d it go?

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OK, so, I met with my Chitty Chitty Chat Chat lady again. She made me an appointment to actually see the psychiatrist. ON MONDAY!!! Yes, I’m squeeeeeing because that’s only a few days away!!! And, I’ll be seeing her on a regular basis so they can keep tabs on my treatment. This place is a godsend & I found it completely by accident.

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That’s awesome!!!

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Yes! Now I have a counselor…& I’ll have a psychiatrist right there that she can make appointments for me to go to if I need tweaking on meds or whatever. So, I’ll have a full service deal all out of one office. This is exciting for me. I’m just trying to keep my expectations low so I don’t make a lot of plans my tushie can’t cash. LOL

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