I did the thing!

And the thing is studying!

I found an app called Bear Focus Timer which is based on the pomodoro technique but allows me to fully customise it to what I want (thank god coz 25mins is too many mins). Currently I have 3 sessions of 15mins each, separated by a 5min break.

It also has white noise in the background if you want it (but Tbh I generally prefer to listen to music to I turn it off).

Speaking of music, I made a study playlist and, so far, it’s been used correctly everyday for about an hour. It’s mostly game music with ambient sounds in the background. My current favourites are animal crossing OST + thunderstorm ambience and zeldawave.

But anyways

I’ve been stuck in a massive rut for the past few months, unable to motivate myself and taking five times as long to do one simple thing, even when I’m internally screaming at myself to do it to the point where I began to believe I was going to need to completely rethink my plans. So this is a big thing that I’m kinda of excited about. I’m proud of myself. I still feel like I’m not doing enough but Tbh I can rarely make it more than an hour without being interrupted and anymore than 15mins and I start to get tired really quickly. Hopefully, I will eventually be doing more and more regularly but it’s a start!

Also a side note: I’ve decided “revision” sucks and from now on I’m calling it “studying” coz that gives me calmer vibes.


Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve been making some great effort and it’s paying off. It’s impressive how intentional you are about tackling things. Great work!

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Thank you! Yeah I’ve been fighting myself for a while now knowing that I could do more and yet being unable to do it so now I’m allowing myself to do less, I’m doing more lol.