I don't understand my evaluation report!

This is my first time posting here. I apologize if this isn’t the correct place to post this. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what I was actually diagnosed with? This is exactly what it says:

Based on clinical impressions described above, the following ICD-10 diagnoses would be indicated:

  1. F81.9 Developmental disorder of scholastic skills, unspecified
  2. F90.2 Attention-deficit Hyperactivity disorder, combined type (by history-
    not confirmed with current evaluation)
  3. F34.1 Dysthymic disorder (by history)
  4. R/O Eating disorder
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Mk, so here’s what I think:

  1. An unspecified/undetermined type of developmental disorder related to school and the skills you need to succeed in school.
  2. ADHD combined type (so both inattentive and hyperactive), and this was based off of your (probably medical) history.
  3. Google says this is a type of depression.
  4. Not sure what “R/O” means, but an eating disorder is typically an unhealthy/abnormal relationship with food/eating.

If you need to, you should call in and ask for clarification. Most people are surprisingly happy to help.

Thank you so much! I will call and ask for clarification. I just have the worst phone anxiety in the world but I guess I don’t have much of a choice!

Well, these days, video appointments are often an option.

Here’s my interpretation (but I’m not a medical professional).

  1. I think this is what used to be called a “Learning Disorder”
  1. I think that the “history” here is based on information given to the diagnosing professional, either educational history, the personal background given in speaking with them &/or in writing (by you @Itsjustme or someone on your behalf, such as a parent or teacher)

  2. Dysthymic disorder

    - Some sort of milder mood disorder &/or personality disorder. (The terms “dysthymia” and “dysthymic” seem to bea bit indistinct, to me. That’s just my take on it. Like the mechanic who says, “yup, your car has got a problem” without any details about what the problem is.)

  3. Based on the following listing from the ICD-10, I wonder if the letters “R/O” refer to “restrictive” and “other”, in regards to the diagnosis of an eating disorder…

Thank you! That’s very helpful!

And welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Itsjustme !

Regardless of any diagnoses, you are most welcome here.

We’ve got a good community of fellow ADHD “Brains”, and the more, the merrier!

My own flavor of ADHD is the Predominantly Inattentive presentation, but we see people here with all the presentations, of varying severity, and all manner of comorbidities (i.e. other neurodivergent conditions and disorders).

This little corner of the Internet is a haven for us. Please feel free to join the conversation.


That’s so kind of you! Thank you!!

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That makes more sense.