I don't want to sleep


Since I was so bored I didn’t/ couldn’t sleep so I feel better I listened to music painted texted people I feel satisfied but I’m scared to sleep and this moment of satisfaction willvanish by tmr its 2:46 am and I feel tired and I have a headache I KNOW that tmr morning I will feel so dead and regret last night which is tonight for idk


All I can offer here is that, upon learning of the link between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer’s and that caffeine has a half-life of 6-7 hours, I quit drinking coffee.

My sleep/going to sleep improved dramatically the first day and has pretty much been great the few weeks since.

I still love coffee, but now only have the good stuff and only on the weekend, when I don’t exactly -have- to get a good night of sleep.

Oh, the last time I had sleep problems was back when I was on meds for ADHD. But that’s up to you and your doctors. I never noticed much behavioral benefit, so it was easy to make that decision.

Sleep is extraordinarily important. Our brains fill up with brain waste/garbage when we don’t sleep. Why? because the only time the brain -can- “take out it’s trash” is during subconsciousness. This is why naps can be super great. Good Luck.