I feel lonely and bored


I feel lonely and bored or just bored and it’s because I have no one to spend time and have fun with i guess I don’t know my life is cool but just seconds of emptiness and boredom feels like a week I don’t know how to deal with this


I can feel like this often too. So you’re not alone :blush:


Try reading a really good book. That’s not everybody’s thing but I think you can surprise yourself about how sucked in you get into the story.


I feel exactly the same about this, i have a 6 month old dog (hence the profile pic) which helps, and i often walk another couple of my mates dogs which helps even more, like enough multiple things to focus on so not so much room for other intrusive thoughts or the dreaded boredom, and bonus is they are happy to see you and do whatever activity whenever regardless of anything else :slight_smile:


A puzzle or a craft project. Also meetup.com. Maybe you would feel good to go hiking or try kayaking with a group of people. This may help you from feeling so bored or lonely. Trying new things that interest you is fun and doing it with someone can be even more fun and stimulating


Do you have any activities you like to do? I for instance am obsessing over bullet journaling and am hoping it will help me get my stuff together. You are not alone I feel that way on every friday night when i get home and have no plans.