I had set an alarm that said "the adhd forum"

So, one of my many alarms went off, reminding me to post here again (because I realized last night that I haven’t been on here for awhile and I missed it!) So here I am :heart: haha

I had such a great meeting today and I just let my ADHD spontaneity lose after that and sent a textmessage to the person who was with me on the meeting, telling him how awesome it is that he takes time with me, helps me to go to important meetings like today and helps me stand my ground etc.

That was a GOOD spontaneous thing :+1: (reminding myself of that, haha)

And next wednesday I have my first ever CBT group-therapy! I had to buy the handbook myself, but I have it right here now, so I’m very excited!
Has anyone else been to/is going through “CBT for Adults with ADHD, The Safren Method”?

I also started cleaning my apartment yesterday, instead of panic-cleaning it all the night before my parents will visit me! Yesterday I did the kitchen and today I will do another part of the apartment!

I sure do need these days where I feel motivated, hopeful and actively DOING things!
So yeah… I guess I just wanted to share that and say Hi again! :slight_smile:


That’s all so amazing! Great work!


Welcome back! And I love it that you’re in such a good place right now!:grinning:


Thank you all :slight_smile:

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