I have to clean my room...

I just moved house! Spent the entire weekend doing it and it… happened. My arms are still sore and I have bruises all over my legs and one on my wrist from holding a divan badly.

So my new room is all set up and lookin’ snazzy… except theres boxes everywhere. I’ve done most of them. I’m currently missing a wardrobe and a desk (but I’m probably not gonna get either of those until the new year) and I also have a cat in my room rn coz we have to keep her in for 6 weeks and shes my cat primarily.

So I’d like to have it tidy because jumping over boxes to get from one side of my room to the other isn’t fun but theres one problem with that idea: I dunno how to tidy.

Like i get the theory: you pick things up and you put them in their places but we’ve just moved house so nothing has a place yet. Not to mention, I don’t know where to start (like I have a cube unit in my room, do I start by organising that? And if so do i start in the cubes? By clearing the top? What do I put it each cube? I’ve got one reserved for my cat, 4 for my clothes, 1 for my dvds and TV related items (i.e. the remotes), 1 for my comics, 1 for notebooks, 1 for big books (that won’t fit on the bookcase/I want accessible for some reason) and another one for jewellery. That means I still have 7 cubes to assign a function to. What do I do with them?

Should i put the stuff that doesnt have a home rn coz I’m missing a desk on the cube unit? That would get the boxes out my room and get the stuff out the way but then it also means I’d have to completely reorganise everything all over again.

Do you guys have an tips or tricks for tidying up/sorting out my room both now and in the future (my mum wants us to have a weekly rota for the hoover so we hoover our rooms each week)? Anything would be awesome.


Tidying up and keeping things tidy seems to be one of our biggest challenges, and it sounds like you’re trying to deal with the crazy overwhelming Thing of dealing with unpacking an entire room. That… isn’t easy. Not even for neurotypical people.

Our Patron Saint of YouTube, Jessica McCabe, put together a video about dealing with a messy house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TGWeblZ0c8

Now, although you’ve only got one room, it sounds like roughly the same principles can be applied. Treat every box as a room and sort them out in order things that won’t take up space when tidied up, like the clothes that will magically vanish from sight once in cupboards and drawers and what-not, and leave until last the things that will take up space or that might get damaged if you bump into them, like the TV.

Make that into a list, give yourself a high-five (or maybe high-five your mum if she’s willing) every time you knock over a whole box, and sort out some kind of reward, like, I dunno, a bowl of ice-cream and an episode of your favourite TV show, for when you’ve got them all done.

I’m also really into music and rhythm, so whenever I’m doing tidying up I pop on some music and just sort of slide into a rhythmic way of doing things, but that’s just me. Also, I live alone, and I’d be mortified if anyone actually saw me doing this.

Good luck!


Thank you! I shall try that! Hopefully it goes well lol coz it’s making me annoyed that my room is such a mess (but also ew cleaning lol)