I instantly change personalities as bf says but I'm aware and I don't realize any change


My boyfriend says I change from one person to another instantly but I don’t feel I am changing. And he says he’s having a hard time dealing with this he like doesn’t like all the personalities I am changing to he feels I am a complete different person sometimes. Does this happen to you?


Emotional regulation and mood swings are often part and parcel of ADHD. We don’t mean to swing so wildly between attitudes, but it’s difficult for our brains to handle it.


I wouldnt say “change personalities” because that would mean ADHD’ers have multiple personalities which is an mental disorder in itself. However… we do tend to change our emotional states pretty unintentionally which could be interpreted as “another personality”. Being kind, humorous and helpfull in one moment, and being stressed, aggressive etc. in the other, could look like an change in personalities, which in this case isnt at all. The same could apply to depressed people. For me as an example: When my depression starts to show, i completely change. The most time i am emotionless and full of hate towards myself, which people in my surroundings tend to be aware of. I am completely another person while being depressed. On the other hand: if i am not depressed, i am easily one of the most social und humorous guy in my group of friends.

If you feel like you have more than one personality, you should consider asking your doctor for assistance, if not, dont think about it too much, we tend to overidentify ourselfes with these things.


That sounds like me. Most people that have known me say I can change at the drop of a hat. One moment I’m pretty positive and upbeat, then the next I’ll get a bad thought in my head and focus on it to the point where I’m not very pleasant to be around any more. :confused: