I just found out I have ADHD. I kinda always knew something was up.

If I had a dollar each time I lost focus, lost a thing, misplaced it or forgot it even existed, Jeff Bezzos’d have something to worry about someone overtaking his position.

I just finished watching Jessica’s TedTalk and I can’t remember the last time I bawled my eyes that hard. It was so liberating and relieving to know why I did the things I did or the conscious realization that I can’t control it.

It reminded me of all the times I felt or was made to feel inadequate for losing my things forgetting a meeting, or not being able to complete my projects. One time I had to go through the garbage at McDonalds along because I had my keys in the tray and dumped it while trashing the tissues. One of the most stressful times for me was when I picked up an order to-go but couldn’t find my wallet at the counter. I convinced a stranger to pay using their card after I transferred money to them. I was visiting Canada in 2 days and all my stuff was in the wallet. I immediately rushed to retract me steps and went back to all 3 work buildings I visited that day, and looked in every room/floor I was on - it was nowhere to be found. I also went back to the bistro where I had breakfast that morning and they didn’t find it either. I found it two days later in a pile of unfolded clothes on the floor, stale from last week’s laundry and I never had it on me - and I paid using Electronic tap from my phone. (Sounds familiar?). I had also eaten at the bistro the day before, and that’s the memory I had of holding my wallet there which somehow fused itself in my brain and blurred the lines on my mental timelines.

I came to the realization that I couldn’t trust my time estimations and that my sense of time was very skewed. I couldn’t get up from where I sat even though I knew I had to leave or else I’d be late. I couldn’t be on time, so I started telling people “I’m prone to be late so I’d like to be able to tell you when I leave - so I don’t keep you waiting. And I stopped committing to tasks that had deadlines - I knew I’d miss them. Reminders and lists helped a lot! I taught skills related to behaviour and psychology so I became hyper-aware of my own behaviour and actions. I also did a certification that analyzed people’s brain design and there’s a certain kind of population who are prone to being this way - and I knew that, but didn’t know those were the signs of adhd - or what it was.

I had read somewhere that ADHD was a myth and I’m super embarrassed to admit it it now.

Thank you for this forum! I look forward to knowing more about myself and learn from all of you.

So… phew! All of my school, my college, my life, my actions and decisions buzzed past my eyes and explained the rootcause of me, to me.


Thank you for sharing your story . . . All of us benefit from what we choose to bring to the light of day! :sun_with_face:


Growing up my I was apperrently the child you always lost everything, all my jackets or anything loose I lost. I have had many times like what you mentioned. I remember there was one time i left my wallet on the bus, they ended up mailing it to me, granted the money had been stolen but everything else there, another time I dropped my wallet outside my car with 300 dollars in it and I freaked out once I got home, I ended up calling the police in that area because they often went in the parking lot… low and behold an officer picked up my wallet and I got it back with everything in it. Before I got my new car I had a car that you had to press the inside button to lock it, well this cause me to lock my keys in my car at least 3 times and two more time I left the keys in the car and locked myself out while it was running. Sometimes I swear I need a chaperone, I have yet to do that in my new car so I can say im proud of myself


So much of your story and struggles sounds familiar. Welcome to our community!


You’ve discovered you’re not alone!

We all look forward to learning more about ourselves and each other here. Welcome!

– John


@Reema_Chhabra I can totally relate. I often forget things or lose things or even forget why I am going from one room to the next. My wife and I started a habit of laughing hysterically whenever I do that. Now I tell her every time it happens and we have a good laugh lol.

Anyways, thank you for sharing your struggles and welcome!


After 50 years of similar, I’ve managed to cement many of my habits and patterns, so that I’m able to minimise the occurances of losing things.
Always putting my keys in the same place, for example. Or mentally noting when I put something down, so I have a better chance of remembering later (“phone s on the kitchen counter, phone is on the kitchen counter, phone is on the kitchen counter”)
But it still happens…
Good luck!


I totally had the same kind of car lock and did that a couple of times as well, don’t remember doing it with the engine running, but also forgot to lock it a couple more times as well, lucky me no one stole it…

Also, one time I went buy things downtown and got back home by bus, after getting out of the bus I was taping my pockets to check I didn’t lost anything on the bus to find my car key in the pocket, that made me wonder why I was carrying my car’s keys, after a while I was like facepalming myself by my incredible super ability of forgetting things… took another bus back downtown to get the car afterwards, kind of sneaking back on the parking lot so no one noticed me because I was really ashmed of myself at the moment… :rofl:


Yeah, the “thing always need a place for it” motto really help me out with not losing stuff so much, my workshop even look organized and I know where most of my tools are even without thinking because of how used I got tho where the things are. I keep checking what is working or if there are things without places that I need to find a home.


There was a very important reason that I can’t seen to remember of why my wallet was literally chained in my pants for a good part of my life… :thinking:

When I was a kid I “lost” (read forgot) my wallet under my pillow, went outside to play with a friend from school and for some reason I tough I had the wallet with me, after I got back I told my mother that I had lost it so she could help me look for it outside, after a couple of hours looking in the front yard without finding anything, I went to my room (because I got grounded after the fact) to finally find the walled hidden under my pillow, then I got grounded and beaten for all the trouble and for being forgetful… :unamused:

So yeah, you are indeed not alone and there are a lot of ways to keep us from loosing our things and forgetting where we put them, it gets a lot better when we understand the issue so we can keep track of ourselves most of the time, also getting to accept ourselves as we are is a great help as well, that eventually we will forget and loose stuff and that it’s okay and not that big of a deal usually, also we have funny stories because of that… so we may be forgetful but we are cooler! :sunglasses:

Welcome aboard! :smile:


Definitely agree that I have a lot of funny whacky stories and we’re definitely cooler because of it. :heart::partying_face::fire:


You bet, just yesterday I smacked my head on the fridge door TWICE in a row while putting things in it, and wiped my phone flying of the table as I was dusting it off, (and surprisingly it survived the fall and it’s still working and that may not be the first time that it tries to fly away like that). I was also forgetting to eat until my stomach was growling loudly enough for me to notice that was something happening that needed my attention… :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I know I do stupid stuff because a lot the time due to not paying attention. When I was young I kinda had to except my legs and skin would never look like the other girls because I was always getting hurt some how. I bet we all could fill a whole novel’s worth a stupid stories we got hurt, lost something, or forgot something. LOL Also when I forget to eat my brain function goes to 20% percent and I start getting all tweaky


@callie, I bet that could easily fill a whole novel series worth of stories very easily as at least I keep “creating new contend to it” on mostly a daily basis! :rofl:

And about forgetting to eat, usually my stomach is kind enough to remember be before I start to get all dizzy and weird because I got too low body sugar on me, but it did happened a couple of times in my life, it scared me a bit because I wasn’t sure what was causing it (I’ve a hard time figuring out the obvious sometimes), but after I get it was just me forgetting to eat and that was my body telling me that by reacting for the “lack of fuel” It got a lot more manageable, I still skip eating sometimes, usually when I’m hyper focused on something and loose track of time. I call it zombie mode when I got to that point that I start feeling dizzy because I usually go desperately to the kitchen to get some fooooooooood, fooooooood… :zombie:


Omg omg. This is exactly me with food. I just can’t remember to follow a routine with food.


@Reema_Chhabra sometimes I wonder how I’m still alive when I can’t even remember that I have to eat, lucky me I have a loud stomach, I guess!!! :sweat_smile:

I try to always have something to eat with me for emergency (or at least know that there is somewhere with food nearby), so if I get hungry “suddenly” I have something to eat easily nearby, but I’m more of a grazer, if you prefer more proper course meals usually need a bit oh ahead of time cooking so you can just heat it up and eat, but in my experience it’s always have some stuff easily ready to eat.


Man, I had a Nokia Windows phone (back when that was a thing… God I miss my windows phone…) and I dropped that sucker sooooooo many times with no case or anything. Never broke. Not once. Ended up replacing it with the new Windows 10 model of the same thing, after Microsoft bought Nokia… yeeeeeah. Not the same. dropped it once and the screen cracked. I was heartbroken at my “unbreakable” phone being replaced with a lesser device under the same branding.


I either skip breakfast, snack a LOT during the day (or maybe remember lunch!) and gorge on dinner, or I have breakfast, snack a bit during the day (maybe have a bit of the breakfast left over as a small lunch?) and … gorge at dinner.
But I am also around 400 pounds… so… I dunno. I do know that small (and carefully chosen) snacks throughout the day at my desk are idea. We just have been to busy and stressed to plan those out, so I just eat mini donuts or reeses or … bad things. Ugh.
Food as stimulus sucks, man.


I know what you mean, my first cellphone was a nokia (don’t remember the model) that thing was just indestructible, like the superman of cellphones :rofl: I got pissed I had to change it because the technology was getting obsolete so it would stop working (I think it was going from cdma to tdma) because I really liked it and I had a coworker that used to work at nokia here and he taught me the factory code to unlock all the things on the phone so I had that super cool feeling of having a unlocked phone waaaaaaaaaaaaay before unlocking phones was a thing, after that I get to Samsung from there and the ones I had since were all pretty much alive until I had to change for a new one usually because no more space, I think I managed to break one, one of those flip phones, and only after years of use and heavy abuse.

I don’t really like flimsy things, so if I think something isn’t sturdy enough to survive my clumsiness or if it looks easily breakable I usually don’t even bother because I know it wont last more than a couple of days in my hand…


I usually only take coffee on breakfast, I rarely feel hungry when I wake up and when I do feel is because I had skiped dinner last night for some reason, I do try to not snack a lot because I usually snack unhealthy things that make me skip proper meals because I’m full of snacks, so I try to keep them more in case of emergency and here in Brazil we do have the habit of having a full course meal during lunch (kind of a midday dinner and a dinner at night) so I try to stick with that also because of my grandparents so we usually eat together (and that is kind of good as it helps me to have some eating discipline as well) but I totally understand the “I’m busy and stressed and don’t have time” so GiMmMe ThE GoOd StUfF!!! I did that a lot when I did office work on a bank, I was always stressed out and never had time to eat because there was always something urgent to do, so I used to eat reaaaally badly and also I smoked a lot (I managed to quit smoking 2 years ago).

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