I just let everyone down


I failed, let my entire team down, and can’t do anything to make up to people. I had a competition for science Olympiad today, doubt anyone has heard of it. It’s pretty much studying topics then competing against other teams. I made them miss the next to tears, everyone else got 3-1st place and look at me getting 17th, idk. I barely finished my notes, I didn’t study, nothing I need to stop procrastinating, but there is so much to do. Looking at what I should do was just so overwhelming and I couldn’t start. I tried everything i know, quite music, routines, separating it into pieces, checking with a friend. I can’t do anything right no matter how hard I try. Now I have a disappointed team to look to after Monday, I’m sure they hate me.


They probably don’t have you. They might be disappointed that they lost, but pinning it all on you is not the way a team should work. If they know that you tried everything you could think of them you should be find in their books. As for what you’ve tried, I know you said that you checked in with a friend but I’ve found that your peers aren’t always reliable. Can you find someone important in your life that you wouldn’t want to disappoint and see if they wouldn’t mind being an accountability partner?


I have been there :pensive: all I can say is isn’t as bad as u think and this might be bad but it’s not the end of the world. U will survive this and u will get another chance to be great :+1: also listen to the first post that was some sound advice