I’m afraid the psychiatrist won’t believe I have ADHD

Early last year my best friend who is a nurse did an ADHD assessment on me for fun because I joked about my lack of attention and I happen to score severe. skip forward to Tuesday this week my therapist said she noticed some symptoms and how ADHD looks different in women and then she assessed me for ADHD during my therapy session and I scored severe again. it was emotional and we talked about it and things hit me and I just felt

  1. relieved because I just wanted to know why I was the way that I was 2.I was honestly just feeling tired of myself so to put a name on it, made a difference in my mood. I started to do research and I felt like I was discovering myself and my life made sense to me. But recently I’ve started to worry about not being believed I had ADHD cuz now I really feel like I do have it and I know that it’s hard to detect in women and I worry that I’ll get denied treatment and if that happens I would feel so defeated. The good thing is that I have a therapist and she’s a CBT therapist so I wouldn’t be left with no support

Welcome here . . .

I think anyone who cares for you and listens to you should not dispute what appears to be the obvious truth about your ADHD. Don’t let anybody stand in your way to getting the help, and if necessary accommodations, that you need to be successful in everything that you do in life.

Best of luck to you!

fyi - I’m 74 with ADHD (diagnosed in my 50’s). My 43 y.o. son was diagnosed when he was 4 y.o. and his 12 y.o. daughter too has ADHD. Always better to know.



I guess one of the things I’ve always struggled with it validation and I’m even seeking validation with ADHD :pensive:

And that’s another thing is trying to get my family members to be screened cuz I’m sure my dad has it and my brother . They struggle so much with their mental health. My brother is trying psych meds for depression but I’m pretty sure that’s not the issue and it’s untreated ADHD. Thanks for your response :pray:t3::heart:


You are most welcome.