I’m not in the mood of doing anything

Hello brains!

Here’s my struggle, I don’t know if you have it too.
As soon as I wake up I am bored and not in the mood of doing ANYTHING and it takes me a LOT of energy to for example, eat.
To think about preparing breakfast is like a huge fight.
When I start doing this small, needed actions then it’s okay, but I rather be in bed tiping my questions hahaha.

I hope I’m not the only one and anyone of you can share their Tipps to do things that are suppose to be go for oneself and it takes so much effort to do them.

I have to get break for breakfast and it’d take me 15 min!!! I think about putting my motivational self made playlist to go. For example.

But, rewards… so hard to find rewards for myself, because I don’t feel like I should have a reward for getting stuff done that I HAVE to do.

Thanks I’m advance, I love you all!!


I get the same way a lot of times :sweat_smile:
Imagining exactly what I’m going to do next really helps, and so does finding something to get excited about ( for example, instead of thinking “uuhggg I have to go make breakfast” I think “Oohh I get to try that new cereal I bought yesterday!” ). A motivational playlist would probably be useful, I like listening to upbeat music to start my day sometimes.
And in regards to rewards: if you have to reward yourself to get it done, then rewards are a necessary part of the process. Rewards are something you HAVE to do do in that sense! Hope this helps :grin:

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