I’m overstimulated and really overwhelmed


Y’all I need some help!

It’s like 9.38 in the morning, and I’m greatly overstimulated already. So badly that it gives me a headache.

I’m overwhelmed by many different things. There’s too much going on in my mind:
-My brother just came home after 3,5 months. He’s in army. So he had to go to an area that’s in war
-my other brother’s girlfriend is pregnant. As much as this is wonderful news, it also effects me. I’m gonna be aunt for the 3rd time :tada::tada::tada:

  • I’m in the middle of the process to get tested for ADHD and autism. This is constantly floating around in my mind
    -school is demanding a lot from me, which gives me a lot of pressure. Then you also have the issue that I don’t like school anymore. I love the education, but I don’t feel like going to school anymore. It doesn’t help me with anything but learning about animals and getting some paper in 2,5 years. That’s it.
    -for some odd reason my past is lingering around in my head. I’m a foster child, I’ve been abused. I’ve been bullied and all that crap. And for some stupid reason it’s constantly floating around in my head. I don’t understand why.
    -my uncle and aunt are gonna seperate, and they have 2 kids. I have to hear about that crap every day, so yeah that’s going on in my head too
    -Probably this is common for people with ADHD. I have many projects I’m working on. They don’t perse have a due time, but there are so many, that I basically don’t have time to relax for myself. Those projects are just for myself. Because of that I’m over working myself. But I don’t wanna stop, because I love working on projects so much. Yet there are so many (all important to me. I already did the crossing thing) that I have. So it kinda overwhelms me
    -oh yeah I also have my driving test in a week. I’m a little nervous for that. So that’s lingering around too

Better said. I have tooooo much on my mind. How am I to calm my mind down, and stop putting so much pressure on myself? And how do I relax without feeling guilty, or taking up too much time or so? Cause I feel when I’m relaxing, I’m wasting time bc I could’ve also been working on my projects. But yet I need that time to relax. It’s really double for me.

My goodness. I’m driving myself crazy at the moment. Help meeee!! I’m drowning!! ( :joy::joy: )

Thank you in advance for helping me y’all


I find the infrared sauna helps. Immensely!

And limit time around people!