I’m trying to get other brains feedback on stimulants.

For the first three months I was on adderall it was marijuana like symptoms. My therapist says it’s ok because it was a change of medication. What is your e

I take 20mg Vyvanse daily, the third lowest offered dosage. I notice that it kicks in about an hour after I take it.

The biggest change I see is alertness - like drinking a cup of coffee, except I don’t need to down a second, third or fourth cup of coffee to get through the day staying alert and engaged. I’ve actually stopped drinking coffee/caffeine all together. I consider this a net positive, since I was able to move from ineffectively self-medicating with caffeine to effectively medicating with Vyvanse. I have a lot of inattentive symptoms of ADHD, so it is very helpful to be present. I can listen to my boss, my customers, and most importantly my husband. I remember their entire sentences, and I remember their requests/expectations.

When I sit down to do something, it’s much easier to actually do it. As long as I can get myself started on something, I can keep doing that thing without being distracted by every little noise, or growing pain, or idea. It’s fabulous for work and school. It can backfire if I sit down to play a video game or something that I’m very excited to do, because I sometimes can’t pull myself away, even to eat. (I had this hyperfocus problem before Vyvanse, though, so… Idk if it’s really an effect of the medication.)

I don’t notice a change in my appetite - I’m still just as hungry as I was before - but I do notice that I don’t have distracting cravings every day. For example, I used to spend all day at work convincing myself that I DON’T NEED ICE CREAM. I’d repeatedly spend time reminding myself that cravings will pass, and making a detailed plan about what to have for dinner. Then, on the way home, I’d find my legs carrying me into the 7-11 and find myself buying an overpriced pint of ice cream anyways. That doesn’t happen anymore on Vyvanse. I just go home and eat my dinner.

Also, I know when I’m full much sooner, and I overeat much less often. I’m also less bothered/distracted by a full bladder, which used to distract me so much I wasn’t even able to keep working at work/studying during study time without running to the bathroom. Bosses often got frustrated with how many breaks I took.

Side effects have included occasional morning nausea. Used to include dry mouth, headache, but those went away within a week of starting the medication.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my Vyvanse experience.

Re: Marijuana - I’m a recreational user. When I use THC, I use it in edibles form, because it allows me to control the dose. I usually consume 5mg of THC (considered a half serving) in one sitting, and only use THC once weekly. For me, THC makes me feel dreamy/sleepy, and makes me act super goofy or very loving. I usually fall into some kind of obsessive thought spiral, so I work hard to make sure I’m going to have a “good trip”. That basically means I don’t use THC when I’m feeling sad/down. I’m much less interested in being social when I’m using THC.

My experience with Vyvanse is absolutely nothing like my experience with THC.


I was on dexedrine, which an amphetamine like adderall. I didn’t like it. In addition to no appetite at all and rapid weight loss. It gave me severe chapped lips from dry mouth. And clenched my jaw. It didn’t give me marijuana symptoms

I’m back on biphentin, 30 mg. I like it far better. I feel alive. Not like charged. Just like the cobwebs are cleared

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I was on 30 mg metadate for the longest time, no complaints other than I started to feel slightly zombieish and after about 10 years it basically up and stopped working properly. NEVER fell asleep in class on those meds… ever, off meds it’s almost every class.

OK, I was looking to see if there was already a thread with what I want to discuss, and this thread title can be interpreted two ways, so I’m going to roll with this one.

Stimulants can be the meds we are prescribed for adhd, mostly methylphenidate (eg Ritalin) or Dexamphetamine sulfate. That’s what this thread was originally about.

But stimulants is a broader category than that, and includes coffee and alcohol. My question is more about the interplay between the prescribed stimulants and the ones that are readily available in everyday life (to adults, in most countries).

Where I am going with this is:
For years I have been extra sensitive to coffee. If I drink a second cup I get a bit trembly/shaky and my heart rate seems to skyrocket. (I probably caused this by overusing Red Bull 20 years ago, but that’s probably irrelevant.)

I also don’t have a massive tolerance to alcohol and tend to get tipsy within 3 units, usually less. (Makes for a cheap night out, I am not complaining😉).

Last year I was diagnosed with adhd (in my late forties) and prescribed stimulant meds (dex). The information leaflet and the doctor warned me to be very careful with alcohol, do for months I didn’t touch a drop of anything alcoholic. Eventually, and in discussion with my doctor, I experimented very carefully with an occasional glass of wine of beer and found no noticeable difference whatsoever with my experience pre meds.

As I’ve mentioned here before, the coffee was a very different story. Not mentioned specifically in any leaflet, and not mentioned by my doctor either, even though his entire job is mainly to treat people with adhd and autism, so he has a lot of experience with prescribing stimulants for adhd. It took weeks before the penny dropped (for me! My doctor just said to decrease the dose, without suggesting any link to coffee) that it was my sensitivity to coffee that was hugely intensifying the effects of the dexamphetamine. I am talking incredibly rapid heart rate, panic, complete inability to do anything other than focus on what was happening to my body and how to not die! Really quite scary! (This is British understatement. I was petrified.)

So my purpose on reviving this thread is ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ (ie in th thread title): I’m trying to get other brains’ feedback on stimulants.

I am not in any way suggesting that you experiment as a result of reading this thread, I am just assuming that many of you will have already drunk some coffee or alcohol whilst being b stimulant meds. And I would like to know what your experience was.

What happens to you personally if you drink a small amount of alcohol?

Is this different from how your body reacted to alcohol before medication?

What happens to you personally if you drink a small amount of coffee?

Is this different, depending on whether you are medicated with stimulant meds or not?

And lastly,
Do you think we should somehow campaign to get the knowledge of possible side effects of combining coffee with stimulant meds more commonly known?

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I am drinking tea and eating a sandwich at 3:30 in the morning! And I will go to bed in about half hour. Coffee similarly doesn’t keep me awake. Even when I drink it to shake off drowsiness! On the other hand, one or two glasses of wine or beer is all I can handle. I never liked soft drinks much either. I have never taken any ADHD drugs but somehow manage.

I don’t know but I wonder if your coffee sensitivity has to do with your gut biome. I know it affects digestion of many other foods (differently for different people). May be you can do a controlled experiment where you reduce the amount of coffee you can drink without jitters and then gradually increase, or try different brands of coffee or try different schedule. I also wonder if more intake of cultured dairy products like yogurt, kefir, buttermilk has any effect.

I think every person reacts differently to different foods and medicine and the science just hasn’t caught up on how to personalize diet or medicine. For instance I know I tolerate cholesterol reducing medicine better if I take half the recommended dose and that too every other day.

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Ahhhh coffee. The love I have for coffee. I can now not only tolerate a coffee but I am so so happy that I can enjoy a cup in the morning. And if I am totally worn out in the afternoon I can have another.

This is with Dex with Concerta I had no tolerance for caffeine what so ever. I even stoped drinking coke or Pepsi.

Alcohol is fine. I can drink quite a bit and I have found that my decisions that I make are usually better when I am drunk whilst taking dex than when not. I recently was away for work and on a night out managed to get myself to bed and in a state where I was able to manage the hangover the next day.
I am not usually a drinker but I think I am better at it medicated.

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Alcohol calms me down and helps me sleep, unfortunately.

Concerta. Stimulant. Coffee stimulant. My question: good bad or ugly?

Good, bad, or ugly? Is this a Clint Eastwood movie?

Sure they are all stimulants. But they are not created equal. For me Coffee - good but nothing like Vyvanse or Concerta . Concerta - good but the side effect profile for me was to much to put up with. Vyvanse - The best of them all.

I used to consume huge amounts of caffeine. Now not much at all I just don’t need it to lift the fog I just love coffee.

The thing with ADHD medication is that it’s highly personalised to get right. What works for one person may be completely wrong for the next person. Down to the time of day they take it with what food what dose what medication what delivery method. When you start adding other substances into this you have a few more puzzle pieces to move around. I personally stoped caffeine and alcohol when I started meds until I had some idea what the new “normal” was going to be like.


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That makes sense