...I might’ve killed my plants


Okay so my work was giving away the old plants they had because they bought new ones so I nabbed a chive and a rosemary and named them Alfie and Jacob after two of my favourite characters I’ve written (sneaky self promo but I’m actually really proud of that story. It’s a crime-romance story about the main character, Oscar, a billionaire who’s had to fake his death and become Alfie after an attempt on his life so if you want to check it out just search Attempted Murder is Still Illegal on Wattpad (I know… I’m sorry). Look for TypeTheWriter and hey presto. Ya got it. Anyways…)

So I’ve had these plants for several months and I kept forgetting about them and almost killing them but I always managed to get to them in time. This time I forgot about them for like a good month at least and they… do not look good. Unfortunately, I think this may be the end of Alfie and Jacob the plants.

RIP Jacob and Alfie the plants.


Wait, so this is them dead, or when they were in their peak shape? Lol. They look like they are doing fine. :smiley:


Nah that’s them when I first got them unfortunately. They look much more dead now lol.


Ok so this is probably going to sound a little extreme, but if you haven’t thrown them out yet, there is something you can try.

In a small bucket or a clean waste bin that is deep enough to fit the both of them:
Fill it with water to the point where you can submerge them both.

Leave them submerged for about 5 minutes or so, and then gently remove them from the water and let them drain fully.

This is kind of a “shock” to the plant and may be just enough to revive some part of it enough to live.

Once they are drained (and if they survived) you shouldn’t need to water them again for a bit.


:slight_smile: My favorite reminder app is one you may find helpful too.
It’s called Beep Me, by Yaniv Kalsky.
It has a free or paid version, and some neat features like: Daily/weekly/monthly repeating; a “nag” setting that allows a single reminder to go off once every couple minutes instead of just a single time that is easily ignored.

Best to you @Dxitydoo.
I hope you manage to save them!



Alfie (left) is doing much better but I have a horrible feeling Jacob (right) is probably done for at this point


Oh no! Poor Jacob! Lol! I also love plants, but I don’t have any for that exact reason. Yay forgetfulness! Not… Anyways, I hope your plants get better. :blush:


So you named your plants. I love that :smiley: Dont give up on Jacob, he might need some time to recover. I had a plant (unnamed, sadly) that had 0 healthy leafs left. I took that as a friendly reminder to water it more often, and: it is still alive :slight_smile:


Awww that’s good! I’m glad to hear your plants are doing well. Hopefully Jacob will recover.

And yeah I named them immediately after I got them lol. The Lego shark in the pot is also named. She’s called Lydia-shark, after my girlfriend lol. I have a weird habit of naming things. Both my guitars are named (Carlos and Miguel) and all of my devices are named as well. I like it. It gives them more of a personality I feel, y’know??


I do understand the reason, and i really like it… but i will not follow it, since i have a hard time connecting names to things… people, company, anything… i’m ok with numbers… not good but ok. So should i call them 72? 89? 001? :smiley:


Lol if you want to call them that then I’d say go for it! If you don’t want to name them at all, that’s awesome too! They’re your plants lol. I find it easier to name things but if you don’t, then don’t feel you have to.