I miss my Vyvanse

Vyvanse sopped being effective for me, so we switched to Concerta. Its… ok. Doesnt help with my emotions as much though, and I still feel foggy. Have upped it, but just not the same.
Kinda wondering how long until my brain resets in regards to vyvanse and I can go back to it, start low again and such.

Sometimes it just feels like it is hopeless, going round and round in loops with meds.

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I know the feeling. I think some of the time, or part of the time, it’s the meds and the other times (or at the same time, combined with the meds) its just an Indication of fluctuating competency, performance, and emotions . . . just like anybody else, ADHD or otherwise. Not to say there are not better meds that will work better for you . . . but just to say that people, as life itself, . . . is always a bit of a crapshoot!

And welcome back!!


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I have no idea. I wonder if the Vyvanse stopped working because your body developed a tolerance for it.

That’s what happens with me and caffeine. I drink coffee daily, and Coke a few times a week. About once or twice a year, I notice that the caffeine has the opposite effect: it makes me sleepy*. When that happens, I go on a “caffeine fast”, cutting out all caffeine for about 5-6 days. Then, it’ll work again for months.

I think the “fasting” period for ADHD stimulants would have to be a lot longer. Maybe months. I’d say ask your doctor. Try looking up research and anecdotes from other Brains (which, of course, is why you’re here on the forums asking… but don’t just check here).

*(Note: caffeine doesn’t keep me awake, but before I went on ADHD meds it seemed to be the only thing to help boost my attention. I’ve been drinking coffee regularly since I was 12. I have always been able to fall asleep with caffeine in my system. Maybe that was an indication that I have ADHD.)

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Insurance companies don’t want to help people, they just want to make money.

My first month of Vyvanse was free, with a 30 dollar copay using the card. However, the fine print goes into all the details of how when insurance doesn’t cover it, they will pay 60 of the 265 dollar mark, leaving me with a whopping 200 a month for something I can’t really abuse, lasts the whole day, and is what my personal doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist all think I should be on.

When I comes down to it, very little of my mental health costs are actually covered, and they expect us to be able to navigate an insurance system when we really don’t have the tools or patience to deal with it.

I’m sorry @JudasTheHammer that really sucks and I think I will soon be in the same situation, and I really didn’t like concerta and don’t trust myself with fast acting stimulants.

It’s really frustrating and I feel for everybody here that has to deal with systems unfriendly to mental health.

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The really ironic thing is that untreated, improperly-treated, or under-treated mental health conditions can often result in higher health care costs overall (along with other higher costs) as a result. Impulse ADHD Brains may take unnecessary risks. The same can go for people who are bipolar when in a manic state. A person is more likely to attempt suicide. A person with borderline personality disorder may rapidly switch from one end of that spectrum of behavior to the other.

Not to mention the higher incidence of young women with ADHD getting pregnant at a younger age than their peers. And then there’s the development of secondary disorders, such as a Brain developing anxiety or depression.

Earlier and better treatment ought to being costs down overall.

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Well, the 30mg Vyvanse is helping with my emotions… but focus… eeeeeh…
That said, last night I may have cracked the code on how to get the most out of using my CPAP, and got the best nights sleep I’ve had in 20 years. Can sorta think now!
We shall see.