I need accountability!

So, I’m on the couch procrastinating!

I need to clean the place around a bit (mainly just declutter from last night) and get ready. So imma just leave this here so y’all can cheer me on while doing stuff and update you on how far I’ve come. I only can’t think of a reward for myself :thinking:

So, wish me luck on doing stuff!


You got this! I wanted to get stuff done today but I am sick so seems like Im out for the day.

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Get well soon!

I got it done! Yaay!

I need to go to a podo therapist. So within 10 minutes I need to be in my car. But after that I need to fold laundry and wash my air fryer. So I’m not done yet for today


Well I “finished” everything. The air fryer is still in process due to how incredibly dirty it is. But I’ll get it finished tomorrow.

So, I’m super happy with my process today! :tada::tada: