I need advise about the next step

Hi, this is my first time here, my main language isn’t English, so sorry in advance if it is difficult to understand me but I can’t find something similar in my language and less in my country and I need advise with urgency!

I don’t want to make this very long but I feel like I need to explain how I got to this point so you know where I need advice.

My life is chaos, I am a dysfunctional adult, I am almost 40 years old and I live with my parents! I went to school, to university, I went through 3 degrees, I finished the last one with great difficulty, in all those years I was treated from a very young age by therapists and psychiatrists, I went through diagnoses of depression to bipolar type 2

I had a hard time finding a job, I never felt comfortable in the interviews and I have always being too honest I did not know how to sell myself, in the end I got a job where I had to travel 2 hours round trip and sit at a desk for 8 hours more one hour of lunch.

It was hell, I suffered, I cried in the bathroom of the company, one day I decided to quit, I went to another job but it paid badly and it was boring, by mutual agreement we ended it.

I try to be an entrepreneur always with ideas but without being able to start, if I started I was overwhelmed by everything that had to be done and never finished anything. I have tried to carry planners, stickers, alarms on my cell phone, none of that works, they are erased in my mind, it’s like I stop seeing them.

Now I work in delivery, the ridiculous thing about all this is that it entertains me this Job but it pays badly and it’s not enough to live alone, I enrolled in a programming course, thinking that this would allow me to be independent and earn more. In the first class everything went to hell, I started on a Wednesday and on Friday I was determined to quit, it was impossible to hear what he was saying, I was constantly thinking why he not hurry? Why do you repeat the same? what time is the break? I would stand up, go to the bathroom, do stretching exercises (online classes) but I was frustrated because I found it long, I couldn’t sit listening for so long and on Friday I already lost it, I disconnected my mind

On Saturday on YouTube I watched a video of “you could have adhd if you have these symptoms”, I found that I had some symptoms but it didn’t convince me, also my brother had been diagnosed with adhd when he was a child and we are opposites, he was always hyperkinetic, talking nonstop, he leave the classroom without understanding that he had to be there, I was always calm, when he talked to me a lot I felt physically bad, dizzy, all I wanted was for him to leave and leave me alone, when I was a child I always stayed in classes, until adolescence where they threw me out or I slept and in college I did not go or I went very little. My mother also has adhd but she has always been a functional adult, with a great career, punctual, always good at work, the only thing is that she is incapable of reading a book and I reade a lot, so how could I have adhd?

At the end I saw this channel on YouTube the video of women with adhd, I saw the talk ted and it all made sense, I saw other videos of women and listening to them was like listening to my life, so I made an appointment for a neurologist on Monday, he saw me he told me I had adhd and he prescribed me, I think for you it is Vyvanse 30mg.

I am already in the second week, I can say that the first week I felt the effect, especially the first day, but it has been diluted, this week I have struggled with the course and yesterday and the day before yesterday I disconnected, I could not continue listening, I didn’t understand anything , it was like a noise.

This is where I need advice, what are the next steps I should take? there is very little information in my country about adhd, Do I need to go to the neurologist again to see about the medications? adjust them? or I change to a psychiatrist do I tell him everything again (the hours for psychiatrists and psychologists are full so I would have to wait about 3 weeks) or do I go to therapy and start therapy?

Once I knew that I had adhd it was a great relief because I finally knew why I was strange I also had anger because I went through so much therapy and psychiatrists and nobody saw it, that’s why now I don’t trust them much, but I want to fix it, I want to be better of what I am now, I want to be independent, live a safe, happy life and that’s why I need your help, what are the next steps? I can’t jump from doctor to doctor because I don’t have the money for that, I’m willing to invest in improving myself but I can’t pay more than I have.

So ,sorry for the long story but if you have any advice I would appreciate it, also, are the adhd’s books useful?


Something more, when I take the medicine, while it is in effect I am sleepy, like I could take a nap and when they stop working my brain wakes up and starts jumping, is this normal or something to say to my neurologist?


When starting medication for adhd you should go through a process of starting at a lower dose and over several weeks gradually increasing that dose so whoever prescribes the nedication can monitor the effects and find the correct dose that works for you, also you should have been given the option of other types of nedication for if that paticular medication was not working for you.

i started at 15 mg a day for the first week then went to 30 mg in the second week and on to 45mg the third week, which is what i am on now as both my psychiatrist and me agreed that the benefit of the nedication on 45 mg was sufficiant, although i believe i could have tryed a higher dose but didn’t feel it was necessary.

not long ago i did accidently take 60 mg in a day and i was feeling really tired all day long and my symptoms were worse, so maybe your dose is to high?

I do think maybe if you can, find a different doctor, just because it doesn’t seem like they are following the correct procedures.

It can take a long time to find the correct medication and dose to take but this should all be done with an expert who can monitor the effectivness of the treatment any side effects you may get and best advice you on what to do next.

I will add that i am not an expert and my views are just based on my experiences i have had with medication, so definately seek advice from a qualified person and do not try and adjust your nedication on your own without expert advice.

hope this is helpful, don’t be too disheartened though, just because the nedication you are on now is not working that does not mean you can’t find something else that will, there are lots of different types of treatments snd i’m sure with the correct help, you will find one that works fir you.


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Franka !

From what you describe, it seems like you have the Inattentive presentation of ADHD, which it very different from the Hyperactive-Impulsive presentation that’s more easily recognized.

@Samuelburns is right, it can take time and possibly several medication changes before your symptoms are well-controlled. I tried three different dosages of Adderall before my doctor was willing to have me try another medication, atomoxetine, which was much more effective.

It can take a while before figuring out what is the most effective medication for you. Each person is different. They may respond to each of the different ADHD medications, or only one or two, or for a small percentage of people who don’t respond well to any ADHD meds.

As for myself, I had a second condition which made my ADHD traits worse: anxiety. It was only when the anxiety was well under control that the ADHD medications were more effective. (I also have more difficulty when I don’t get enough sleep.)

Good communication with your doctor is necessary. Tell your doctor how much or how little the medication is working for you.

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