I need to shower !!!


I have been wanting to shower for more than a week and I just can’t do it its so annoying! !! Idk how to deal with myself


Been there, done that. It seems like such a waste of time when there’s so much more interesting stuff to do. Or as my son says “But that will take too LONG, and I want to do my thing NOW.”

I have a weekly schedule, and I make sure to shower on the same days every week, unless I’ve done something really dirty or sweaty.


Even when I have nothing to do I don’t know I just need that BIG motive to shower and that sucks


I’ve been putting off a shower too, but the weird thing is when I’m in the shower, I can’t get out, partly because I really enjoy the sensory side of it and partly because of the thought of having to dry myself feels like such an effort, sometimes I just sit in a towel watching YouTube until I’m dry and then there’s the effort of getting dressed, which I intermittently do in-between watching more YouTube videos :joy:


I was really struggling with this yesterday. Sometimes I need someone who understands to tell me what I already know I need to do.

Then I need them to hold me accountable to the decision I make, whenever I finally make a decision. Having another person present can speed up the process.

It took me all day but I finally showered after my sister dropped me off at my parents house and my mom gave me some options.

My problem isn’t knowing what to do. I know that I need to shower. My problem is doing what I know, and when I’m really struggling with executive functions sometimes I have to let people know that I need help.

Looks like that’s what you’re doing today so you’re on the right track. Best of luck to you!! :grinning:


That’s great you finally did it, I’m planning to do it tmr like I have been planning all the week :frowning: hopefully tmr will work out for me


When my brother was little, my mom one day noticed he was very stinking, when she asked him what’s going on he explained he went in the pool every day and in tmhis mind he thought he didn’t need to shower :sweat_smile:
I think taking a shower feels so good, it’s self care for me and when I shower and make time for myself to get myself dressed I feel more ready for my day and it seems to help me get going and be more productive


In my teens i didnt shower at all because i simply hated it. Still hate it, but since im not a kid anymore the body starts smelling pretty strong after a couple days, i started showering every two days just to not bother people with body odours. xD

But it seems like such a waste of time…


I find that if I have a shower in the morning I feel productive, and AWAKE its 3:30am in Australia right now and have no idea why I’m still up ahahaha


Why do you think you hate it?


Its simply extremely boring. Boredom is one of the most difficult feelings i have. There are many many other things i could do in the time, so procrastinating is an easy one in this situations. It is the same with brushing my teeth. I just cant get myself to brush them twice a day. I know i should at least brush them twice a day but this task is so… well. Lets say its not exactly a challenge. The morning is the only time i can brush them cause i am way too sleepy to be bored by anything.


I just had a thought, If you like a challenge like me, then whatever the task you’re struggling with, turn in into a challenge, like completing it by a certain time or so many times a week, give yourself points or something for completing it, I’m gonna try it myself, maybe It could help.


I know how you feel… If I’m not going out, I find it SO hard to find the motivation to shower and stuff. Whenever my wife and I stay together (long-distance for 9.5 years now), she always complains about it. I alwaya figured I was just lazy, then I got diagnosed and realized it might be the executive function acting up. I just can’t do it unless I NEED to do it. For others, not myself, if that makes sense…