SO UNTIL I CAN GET AROUND TO RESPONDING TO YOU GUYS INDIVIDUALLY (I’ve been so busy and stressed-- THEN I GOT ENGAGED IN DECEMBER, so now I’m also wedding planning and oh my god I just haven’t had the time but PLEASE TAKE THIS WAVING BEAR AND MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES AND MY WARMEST WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!! :heart:


Please do NOT worry about this! There are still so many new people getting here (which is great), so don’t worry that you can’t (always) keep up with it.

Congratulations!! :tada:


Bahahahaha, the more new people, the further behind I get. It’s a good problem to have, honestly! :grin: But I wanted to give everyone a bear gif, even if it’s a blanket message. :smiley: I will definitely get around to responding individually at some point - I enjoy it. I love getting to know everyone!

AND THANK YOU. :heart:


Congratulations HarleyKyn! I love weddings :grin:


Oh, man! Another one drops off the market! :grin:

Just kidding… Congratulations! That’s really nice to hear.

I don’t think you owe anything Harley. If anything, you have a bear credit surplus. Maybe you could trade some for carbon credits?


BAHHHHH you are super kind, good sir. :heart:

Thank you!! I’m so excited! :grin: but also so overwhelmed. SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.


Nah, you did the only really important thinking already, didn’t you? The biggest decision is ‘do I want to marry this person?’. The rest is just window dressing.

Watch the video on doing xmas your way, loads of that stuff applies to any celebration :wink:


Super excited!



Actually I did get the most important thing done which was the venue. \o/ From there everything else will fall into place I’m sure. It won’t be til November so I’m plenty of time to figure out the other details. :grin: But I will definitely keep in mind that xmas video - that’s such a great idea!! Didn’t even think of applying that to things outside of Christmas. :joy:



Hahaha, yeah, I did think of suggesting the venue as the first thing :grin:

Way before I knew I was a brain, we accidentally planned mote than half our wedding by delegation. I described this to @Gaeliceyes recently, but I don’t know how to link two threads. That one was about a Birthday party.