I straight up don't notice things that should be done around me, as well as tasks

Hey brains,

I just realized that I have two screenshots on my computer’s desktop that I took to remember something. I intended them to be a token to remind myself to do a quick task. The problem is that I just don’t see them.

More examples?

  • I slept with cardboard boxes in my bed that I intended to stow away for almost 2 months. I just had half of my bed to sleep.
  • I inteded to sell a coffee maker since 4 years that is placed on the kitchen counter unplugged and is just collecting dust. Never used once since then.
  • I have multiple to-dos in my task manager that I keep postponing from one week to the next. Some of them are over a year old.
  • I have a book near my desk that I intended to read since over 8 years.

I really do not even consciously notice them. Maybe once every blue moon I see them and think “oh right, I need to …” and they immediately go unnoticed again.

Those mechanism are so strong that even dismissing the reminder notifications from my task manager app happens entirely subconsciously.

Do you also experience this?
How do you deal with this?


YES YES YES! I was given a paper that I have to look at every day from now until my Exams are over in mid-late may and it goes through a bunch of things that people often forget about and how to get ready for exams to go along with homework catchup

Not going to even lie… It is a real challenge these last few weeks I feel I have given up on just life as a whole, School, Friends, Exams everything


This is my natural tendency, too. It has been a thorn in my side my whole life.

To-do lists don’t work for me. If I set alarms to remind me, I sometimes get some to-do items done. The best way for me to actually get something done is to schedule a time to work on it with someone else.

My wife is often irked by the fact that I often overlook things that need doing. It’s not because I wilfully ignore the things…they just don’t catch my attention.

I’ve found that it helps me if I’m able to establish routines, and to set up a workspace with everything that I’ll need there. The problem is that I need an example routine to follow and external accountability (such as the training you get when starting a new job). Also, I tend to clutter up my workspace with pages of notes or printouts, and many Post-It notes; if it is a shared workspace, I’m much more mindful to keep it clean.

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I definitely experience it. It happens a lot with regular tasks too like cleaning or shopping or getting med refills. For me, the best way I deal with it is to immediately do something when I notice it again. I stop whatever I’m doing and take care of it. If I try to put it off again it usually doesn’t get done. I have been able to move it to a new location, more prominent, and remind myself to do it the next day or later if I set a reminder or build it in to my schedule. But it’s easiest just for me to do it right then and there and make sure it gets done. It takes personal commitment on my part, but it seems to work a majority of the time. Not 100%.