I struggle with emotional disregulation.


Since a very young age I have struggled with this. I always feel emotions s lot stronger and quicker than is expected. For this reason I cannot play games.

I love games, don’t get me wrong, but im a very competitive person, so if I lose, I either delete the game, or throw it away.

Then, if I want to play it later, I can’t, and I regret it deeply.

If you have any tricks on how to control my emotions before they hit the danger level, please let me know.



Regulating your breath is a great way of helping to control any emotion which is excessive, look up box breathing. Hope this helps.


Hey @adhd-person,

I had major issues with impulsiveness/ emotional dysregulation in the midst of my childhood. Incredibly sensitive as I was, I often noticed my supposed rational thoughts jumping to conclusions inspired by my emotions. I’d call that the hyperactivity part of ADHD (?).

Forcing yourself to take 30-60 seconds before reacting to the rage/riot/aggravation would be my trick. In that time I normally just ask one question: “Is the action worth the consequences?”

It gives my emotions enough time to glow off (instead of nuclear explosion :exploding_head: :sweat_smile:) and with me channeling the non-ADHD emotions I have for the item/person (or whatever else I would otherwise explode at/over) I get back my sense of here and now and I.

Hope that helps, but I think a breathing method could be beneficial, too


Thanks! I will try both of your ideas