I think having ADHD made me a better teacher

Hello everyone, as you might have guessed I work as a teacher unfortunately not anymore, but when I used to teach English I often found myself going out of my way to make sure the students are having fun in class and that everything we’re doing is really interesting and attention-grabbing, and that wasn’t all because I wanted the students to love the class, I think the internal need that I was trying to satisfy is not being bored myself as I discovered since I was diagnosed that I’m very sensitive to boredom, I get bored really easily unless something is really funny, interesting, or managed to grab my attention, and doing anything that does not fulfill one of those requirements feels like torture.

after a while, I discovered it is not only teaching that I try to enhance, in everything I do or any job I get I find myself trying to make the tasks that I’m handed more interesting and my priority is for the end result of my work to entertain the client while fulfilling their request. sometimes I feel like this is a blessing but at other times I feel like this is a curse because it puts an additional load into anything I do, and if the end result wasn’t as interesting as I wanted it to be I feel disappointed even if I did a great job at finishing the task, it is always the feeling of I couldn’ve done better than I did, I can’t get rid of this bug that keeps biting at me, thankfully that doesn’t last long, because I often find myself another thing to focus on.