I think I have a generalized anxiety disorder

I think I have anxiety, and it is not great with untreated adhd.

Example: you forget your charger at home as you rush to get ready 2 minutes before you have to leave for school. You get to sixth period and you realize “sh*t i forgot my charger”, you are scared to ask someone to borrow theirs so you try to finish your assignment with 2% left, your computer dies and you sit there for ten minutes weighing the pro’s and cons of asking someone for a charger, you eventually decide to ask someone for a charger and they say, “sorry, I don’t have one” so now you take it personally and think that they don’t trust you with their charger and to make matters worse you now have to get the courage to ask someone else for a charger, you finally ask someone else for a charger and they say, “sure, here you go”. everything is fine until the person you asked leaves school early and says, “I have to go, can you just give me back my charger tomorrow?” and you say “sure” but now you have to remember to give back the charger or else the person will be mad at you.

this is only one example. also if you don’t pick up you’re phone I start spamming you because I think you’ve been kidnapped. anyways, here’s my problem, I don’t know how to tell my parents about my anxiety because ever since i was diagnosed with adhd, they’ve treated me like I’m inferior or like I’m just stupid and an annoyance. I’m just a 14 year old enby that wants to move out as soon as possible and I don’t think i deserve to be treated like fu*king :poop: is all.


It certainly is a possibility that you have anxiety in addition to ADHD. It’s very common for people with ADHD to have struggles with anxiety, depression, and/or other conditions.

My own ADHD diagnosis came from me getting counseling for anxiety. (I was not diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, just simply anxiety. However, I recognize that I have often had usually-minor anxiety, sometimes moderate, and certainly once severe anxiety. I’ve felt it probably more often than not throughout my life, so maybe that’s GAD. I’ve experienced depression a few times, too. And I’m certain that I used to have a form of OCD, which lasted for decades until I was suddenly jarred out of it.)

Still, the only diagnoses I’ve been given are ADHD, and that one-time with severe anxiety.

Unless and until your parents decide that they want to understand, they probably won’t begin to understand. Sadly, that’s too often the case, and it can create a gap between you and them. However, as a dad, I believe that the vast majority of parents genuinely care for their children. (People can be stuck in their ways, and limited by their own beliefs.)

This next part is hard, but is crucial. I’ve got to tell you this, because it’s the best advice I can give you. (I know it’s not enough, and I wish I could do a lot more to help you, but here goes…):

  • First of all, you’ve got to accept yourself as your are. You are really a remarkable person. Other people may not understand you, but that doesn’t mean you’re less than you are. That just means that they are limited in how they see you.
  • Second, you are capable of much, but in your own way. You may not feel like it right now. The evidence may be hard to see. But those strong feelings that you have that bring out the anxiety are probably like what I also experience. Before my ADHD diagnosis, I learned a lot about another type of neurodiversity. It’s sometimes labelled as “sensory processing sensitivity” (SPS), but a person with this type of trait are also referred to as “highly sensitive person” (HSP). – If you’re interested in learning more about this, I suggest checking out the website: highlysensitiverefuge.com

Things are difficult right now, but as long as your parents aren’t abusive, I encourage you to hold on and stay home until you have finished high school. (My older kids had struggles with their mom, because of personality clashes with her. Our eldest ran away a couple of times, got into other trouble, almost had to repeat a year of high school…and still managed to graduate before she was 18. Three months before her 18th birthday, her mom let her move out.)

We’ve all experienced some tough times. However, none of us has walked in your shoes. Only you can live your life.

But, we Brains are here for you, to listen, to discuss, to help, to encourage.

Take it one day at a time. Come back tomorrow. (I have long days, so I may not reply right away, but I am usually able to reply within 1-2 days.)


I have both ADHD and general anxiety disorder. It’s… I wouldn’t say it’s fun. And some of the methods used to help neurotypical people don’t always work for ADHD brains for obvious reasons. But I, personally, always recommend that people get it treated by some professional, just because it deserves treatment.

I agree with what @j_d_aengus has said, too. I don’t have the best relationship with my parents (although not as bad as a lot of people’s) but I’m glad that I have stuck around instead of just leaving as soon as I turned 18. Not all parents are good, but mine have proven to be good enough as long as I stand up for myself. Obviously, every parent is different, but perhaps there is some hope.