I think I have ADHD and that I will need to start taking medication BUT ....


Hi guys!

Please forgive my English. It is not my native language.

I will start saying this is my first post and I definitely recognized how uncomfrotable I was with the sign in process. The easier the task, the harder for me to commit to it … guess that’s part of being ADHD :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I will be visiting a doctor to get a diagnose to see if I’m ADHD and, if so, I assume he will probably prescribe medication for me. All good with that …

I’m 38, recently divorced with 2 little daughters (9 and 5) and I can see that my life is going out the track and to the trash, because my inability to stay on focus, to finish projects, to stay still, to sleep bad, to be antisocial and a LOT LOT MORE … By the way, I was doing a completely different task before getting into this forum … However, I must say that part of me loved to be ADHD … As I read and watched in other forums, videos, podcasts (well yeah more than 30 hours watching and reading), I can see that this is sometimes a superpower and I really love it. I have an incredible ability to hyperfocus in the things I’m enthusiastic about (especially when they are hard to grasp and challenging). I make and create wonderful things with my AHDH but I NEVER finish my projects … I’m always distracted and change the channel to seek for something new.

My concern and this is why I’m writing in this post, does your ability to hyperfocus on the things that were a hook for you, being affected by the medication of ADHD? … I would like to be able to pay attention to everything in my life (like pay the bills for example) but I don’t want to lose this special superpower in the path of treatment…

Love you all!



My medication does affect my hyperfocus, but not really badly - it means I can choose what I focus on rather than hyperfocusing at random. Also, as I’m on stimulants, I can just not take it at the weekend :slight_smile:


I would say that it helps me get out of the hyperfocus much easier and not have the feeling like I’m peeling my brain away from my focus. I imagine it like my brain is gum stuck and I have to really try to get it to go to the next thing to focus on.

Also, hi! :grinning: