Okay, so, I put off my homework until much too late and It’s so hard to sit down and work on it! I’ve been sick over the holidays so I have been off my meds for half a week and now I’m all sleep-deprived from New Years. I know I need to get it done, but does anyone have any good ideas on how to buckle down on these projects. I need to get as much done as fast as I can since the end of the semester is coming up.

Also, I have a day to do my projects! Because my school likes to watch us suffer apparently. I’m just so overwhelmed and stressed because I have so much to do still. It’s mostly readings and Essays and even though it’s not all DUE tomorrow, these next couple weeks are gonna have HUGE workloads. Plus I have to get a whole book read and essay done for a college course NEXT semester cuz “Authenticity”

Thank you for any and all help!!! Hope everyone has had a less stressful New Years!

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OK! I’m currently working on my assignments too, so here are some of my favorite helpers (you may need to try a couple before you find what works best for you):

~~~**Set a reward** for each chapter you finish reading or paragraph you finish writing. DON'T LET YOURSELF GET THEM BEFORE HAND. I like to set aside something to snack on, but sticker charts and/or taking a funny selfie to post can be rewards too. If you can help it, set your goals up nearby, but far enough away that you wont grab them without realizing it. If possible, I don't want to leave my chair if I'm on a roll, but I still want to reward myself. If you have to give them to your roommate, mom, or really nice next door neighbor.
~~~**Set realistic goals** for what you can finish each day. If your book has 10 chapters, trying to finish one in the morning and one in the evening for the next five days might be doable, but if it has 25, trying to finish 5 chapters a day may be a little crazy...and you might have to come clean to your professor or disability services office at school and ask for some more time.

now that that's out of the way, here are some things that help me stay on track:
~~~Walk on the treadmill and don't let yourself get off until you finish the chapter of that book. It's annoying, and I'm often exhausted by the end of it, but it DEFINITELY keeps me reading and not getting distracted. If they're short chapters, maybe try to finish two!

~~~Forest! There is an app called Forest and, for like, $2 or something you can buy the app and grow a tree on it. It must be the open app on your phone (in other words, you can't open any of the other ones for more than like 5 seconds) or your tree dies. I also got the extension for my chrome browser so I can grow two trees at once and I can block my productivity-killers unless I kill my tree. I know there are ways to still get distracted, but the app helps remind me so I don't get off track without realizing it as easily. TOTALLY worth it. I'm currently blocking pinterest, facebook, reddit, tumblr, amazon, youtube, etc. I can do music on spotify without opening youtube, and it is less likely to distract me for long.

~~Soundtracks for Studying or other study playlists are already made for you on spotify. find one that works for you, push play, and ignore it. you might need to try a couple, but once you find one you can keep going back to it in the future and it will remind you of a productive mindset.

~~~Light a productive/encouraging candle or start your diffuser with citrus in it. Pick a smell that you can associate with REALLY working. Smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers, so if you're studying for a test with a certain specific smell, you can also bring something that smells the same way to class with you to help you remember what you were studying. 

Most of all, Don't make excuses, text or tell somebody that you're going to do homework and have them check on you. ONLY HONEST UPDATES. Not allowed to lie to them, tell them how much you have to get done and if they'll ask you how it's going or to tell them what you're working on, sometimes it helps me get into a mindset to accomplish if I start telling someone else what I need to get done and how I'm going to go about doing it. 

Lastly, get off here and go do it. ;)
Good luck Brain!


I’m a frequent procrastinator and I don’t take my medication during holidays which leads me to feel overwhelmed and so guilty that I haven’t done any work when I start taking them again. What I’m trying to say is we are in the same boat (although it sound like mine is a little more self-inflicted :smile: ).

This is what I do to help (I hope it might also be helpful for you):

I like to write down a really long list of everything I have to do. At first it is terrifying and usually makes my cry, but if I battle through long enough it feels really good to see it all laid out instead of spinning round my head.

Then I go through and asses if a particular task is really necessary (e.g. do I really need to go shopping or can I make do with what I have in the cupboard for a few days.) If a task isn’t necessary for this week, set it aside.

I then prioritise the tasks (what needs to be done first in order to complete the other tasks e.g. I can’t edit my introduction until I have written it, and I cant write it until I have done some reading for it etc.) and start organising them into a scheduled.
Waring: this is the really scary bit!
Seeing how much you have to do and how much time you have to do it in can be very overwhelming. Start by laying out what time you have over the next couple of days and slotting in tasks. It’s really important to be realistic. Even if you work perfectly to your overfilled scheduled things can still unexpectedly come up. Build in buffer days. These are a life saver. If I get my work done, I get some time off. If I’m behind I don’t have to panic because I planned for it. I think the most important thing is to be firm (not harsh!) but compassionate with yourself. Think of how you would motivate a friend in the same position (you wouldn’t let them off because they didn’t feel like it, but you also wouldn’t let them stay up until 3 am working).

I hope some of this helps. It will all get done, it might just be a little hectic for a while :smile:

Sorry it’s really long :sweat_smile: