I want to connect with Brains in the Healthcare field, Students and Professionals.

Hi, I am a Graduate Nursing student who is just waiting on my RN licence. I made a review a while back on N-Powerment, an N-CLEX prep course where I mentioned how I had ADHD. I was reached out to by a few people after saying me mentioning I have ADHD helped motivate them to keep working hard through nursing and not drop out. I didn’t have any peers with ADHD, and honestly, it really sucked. I hear the same thing from other people in nursing, med school, lab tech, dental hygiene, PT, OT, etc. All healthcare field courses.

I think it would be helpful to connect with fellow brains in the field to support each other while in school or the workforce. So I’d like people to connect with me. I even made a lil discord server too if that interests you.

In this post reach out to me saying who and where you are in the healthcare field, still at school for it or in the workforce? and what are you struggles in the field while having ADHD, Ill post my story more below later.


Hi, I’m an undergraduate in my 4th and final year studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney in Australia.

I had to take a year off because I was massively overwhelmed and had no support and was trying to do the whole thing without medication. Ended up with brutal depression and anxiety and constant panic attacks, next to no sleep and serious physiological and physical symptoms.

I went back on Ritalin and spent a year getting better.

I submitted my honours thesis a couple of weeks ago on the Association between physical activity and quality of life in adults with ADHD. I’m starting a PhD next planning on doing research in exercise and adult ADHD. I finish my last placement in a few weeks and after that I will have finished my degree.

I’m also hoping to work in clinical practice part time in the future. Not sure which population but oncology, geriatrics and mental health are areas of interest of mine.

I’m potentially interested in the Discord server thing.


So my full story is, I got into nursing on early acceptance since I used medication (and a high dose) in high school. I started my first year of nursing without medication though.

That was until I hit my second semester, I started failing a few of my courses, and my and my clinical placement instructor did not get along. I wanted help so I went to student disabilities and was referred to the psychologist for a fully psychoeducational evaluation.

It was a pretty long and intense evaluation, but the detail it gave me and the recommendations were great. I was able to not fail out of any of my first-year courses but I dropped clinical halfway through the semester and ended up taking it in the spring with other students who had trouble completing clinical for other reasons.

My other years went much better cause of accommodations but I still never really studied for exams, I just never missed a class. I was not a great student, but Cs get degrees.

In fourth year I got hit by some severe episode of depression in my final semester, ended up having to drop clinical which was 1 of two courses… because I had accommodations it didn’t mess up my school funding, but how nursing works I could not take it until fall of next year. I was healthy by the time I was in school again which was great, and I completed school no problem.

I didn’t graduate till spring though cause I forgot to apply to graduate. But here I am now, passed my N-clex exam in the minimum amount of questions (that’s good). And waiting for all the crap about me having ADHD and needing accommodations for my exam to get looked at for my license to be approved.

Pretty bitter how much extra crap I had to do for them cause I needed accommodations. I graduated from school and passed the exam. obviously I’m fit for practice, I had to do so much more than just a doctor’s note it was ridiculous and paperwork is so hard to me.

Hopefully, I can be a real nurse soon.

The hardest part of nursing though was having no peers with ADHD. and all the doubt I’ve received over the years from peers and even sometimes profs on my ability to be a nurse :/. luckily I had a lot of good support too.


I work professionally in social work in mental health at two hospitals.


its great hearing about your story, I am so proud of how far you made it! finding something your passionate about really helps with the motivation to keep working at it even when its hard.

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that’s awesome! i know some people in social work, its a hard job especially when there is systems in place that make you feel like your not doing enough

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Hi there,

First post, Just created this account 5 min ago :smile:. Not from the states myself but from Europe. I work in mental health and diagnosed with ADHD about 2-3 years ago I guess.


Hi! TLDR at bottom because I’m a chronic over-sharer.

I was not diagnosed until October of this year – just about a month ago! I graduated high school at 16 from homeschooling; took 4 credits my first semester of community college Spring 2018, and was admitted to Phi Theta Kappa in February of this year. However, I failed when I tried to go to school full-time last fall and spring. I thought I was just stupid!

Then I got accepted to a four-year university with a prestigious music school and decided I wanted to study music therapy (thanks, PTK). I worked as a behavior tech (RBT) over the summer and knew I wanted to help people.

At Orientation for music school, my group leader asked me if I had anything that might be a barrier to my success. I told her that I have always struggled in school and she asked if I had any learning disorders. I said we thought I did, but I had never been diagnosed (my mom always told me she thought I had ADD).

When I got here, I ended up getting referred to my school’s Counseling Center and found out they do ADHD/LD testing! I got tested and diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability.

This truly changed my life. I wanted to work in a hospital, but now I’m planning on finishing my BA in Music Therapy and Psychology and going to grad school. Eventually, I want to work with kids who have ADHD, ASD, and other developmental/intellectual/learning disabilities/disorders because of my own diagnosis. :heart:

TLDR: I am earning a BA in Music and Psychology with a Music Therapy emphasis. I want to go on to get my graduate degree in Music Therapy, and work with children with disabilities. :smile:


im pretty sure i connected you on discord? I know you from the How to ADHD patreon server i think

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Good Morning.
I am still a student of an interdisciplinary double major. In short, I study leadership being geared to environments of the healthcare and also the social system. I like the mix of leadership, economics, law and science. My favorites have been psychology and self-leadership so far. And I still have a long way to go. It is not my first degree, but the first I have chosen by heart. I finished two others before, one based in economics, the other based on handcraft.

I have struggled the past year and had to take a beak. I am currently in preparations to continue in January. I hope it all will work out. I put a lot of energy into my dream during the year. The closer the next year comes, the more nervous my heart jumps around. What’s understandable, I think. Yeah. Well, the last month has arrived… breathe.


Hi Duckie,

Hahaha I`m afraid I have to have to disappoint :slight_smile: . Not a patreon, first time on this site and no idea what discord is? :flushed:

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Discord is a communication solution originally invented for Gamers. Students and professionals started to use this free service, too. Someone can create a communication server with different chats and voice channels and more. I opened my own server in Spring, but haven’t used it as intended yet. I thought of it as a better solution than the limited browser conference rooms out there. To meet up with my peers and learn together. Guess I still figure myself out, what works and what not. Thihi.

Oh and a big welcome.


Ow that makes sense! When I googled it I did stumble upon the gamers website but thought that that couldn’t be right but now I get it :joy:

Thanks for the welcome!!!

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ha ha i thought i recognized your name from someone on there. I might be silly.

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I’m a researcher in a university in the UK working on cancer, I’ve been through the whole education system doing an undergraduate degree and PhD. I only got my ADHD diagnosis over a year ago so I went through the whole system undiagnosed and I only got diagnosed with dyslexia during my PhD. I’m still giving the academic career a go so time will tell if it works out or I’ll try move into the industry side of things.


Hi, I’m 45 and, still not officially, the proud owner of an ADHD PI brain. I’m looking into finding a way into academic research on ADHD and working, in some capacity, at improving awareness and educating others to aid early identification of others. Also to work at driving improvements in adult services for mental health so others aren’t as likely to spend 15 years on antidepressants before self diagnosing ADHD (or other underlying issues - ie depression the symptoms of… )

Due my ADHD, my academic and employment history is what you might expect :smile: which is making finding an entry point to study hard. lack of $$ and used up my UK loans for BSc level. Kind of ironic that the teachers of the next generation of mental health professions demand I have a 2:1 degree to study mental health issues and inflexible that maybe, just maybe, my ADHD might have something to do with why I don’t!

I do however have the option to study a BSc in adult nursing and mental health. Just obviously worrying that, without meds due no ‘official’ assessment (3 year waiting list!!!) I’ll blow this chance if I’m not careful.

I think my other fear is that a course such as this one which has 20+ weeks a year full time work placements - likely 12 hour shifts, will lose my attention, especially if it ends up with placements that are not academic enough for me - ie ends up making beds, bathing etc and general phfffness. Important work but not exactly what i’d be paying £10k a year for. The idea of paying someone to let me ‘work’ for them without actually learning something… is another story :wink:

Does studying to be a mental health nurse come with actual in depth academic study of mental health issues or mostly focused on the care/support role?

And has anyone here, who has trained as a MHN gone onto a more academic course/route after qualifying as a MHN?

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I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 26 back in 2006. I just graduated nursing school this week. I’m definitely worried about not only being a safe nurse with ADHD but navigating my future employment. Things like do I disclose my disorder or should I keep it to myself etc? I wouldn’t say I need accommodations as an employee so to speak but there are little things like I can’t take report next to 20 other nurses also taking report, I need a quieter space. Or that sleep deprivation exacerbates my ADHD so I can work nights but only nights, or days and only days but no rotating days and nights and I should probably work every other day vs. multiple days in a row (for 12 hr shifts).

Anyway I’m interested in joining your discord group if it’s still around. Thank you!

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