I want to donate a computer to host the forum server

Good morning Ricardo here… Well let me record a video explaining the situation brb

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Warning: This is not an official statement on the behalf of How To ADHD

This is Scot’s informed opinion

Hi Ricardo,

It’s not that we aren’t able to pay for it or anything on a technical administration which is something you are offering to provide and is something I have no problem doing.

This is more of the maintenance and upkeep to coordinate a group of people to administrate watching the users and ensuring the safety of anyone who is posting on the forums.

How To ADHD is technically branded as entertainment being on YouTube but it’s focus is education… and since ADHD is closely related to children with ADHD and parents who are looking for safe places for kids to find information regarding ADHD, we make decisions based on the potential of our users being under-aged.

We also must acknowledge that we are dealing with medical implications and having users spreading misinformation or information that is not coming from certified doctor.

While we have terms of service based on Discourse terms of service which is stated here:

Conditions for Use of the Forum

Your permission to use the forum is subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must be at least thirteen years old.
  2. You may no longer use the forum if the company contacts you directly to say that you may not.
  3. You must use the forum in accordance with Acceptable Use and Content Standards.

… We must acknowledge there is potential of children just hitting “Agree” and lying to get on a forum.

This is also why private messaging from user to user is turned off.

With all that being said, there is still a human element of ensuring we do not spread misinformation that requires moderation. Think how social media like Facebook isn’t able to contain the spread of misinformation or creating echo chambers with groups.

How To ADHD wants to transform into more of a business so they can continue to grow and help out the ADHD community… but becoming a business requires business strategy, it requires money, it requires internal structure and hiring people to do a job, it requires giving them a fair wage, it requires them to get health insurance, on and on and on.

Having a full time community manager to coordinating volunteers (for example moderators on a forum and other places.) However, this is lower priority compared to everything else to make How To ADHD a viable business.

The transformation to become a business was delayed by reasons which I am not going to go into.

Rest assured, we will not remove the forums because of server costs.

Thank you.

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Hello Scot

I must thank you so much for giving me such a complete reply.

I also appreciate you taking your time to explain every single detail I knew I missed some points when I read the original post.

Not talking more technically, I only need an issue weeds patron but don’t worry I think I might know the problem.

Yet again if I can be at any help for the sake of everyone especially kids and parents I’m always here for anyone who needs me.

I’m so glad to be back to this forum and be rewarded with such a great reply.

Dear Scot, and for everyone else too, I wish you the best and be careful out there especially in those times.

If possible, send my most sincere gosto Jéssica.

Thank you so much,

My most deepest regards,

Ricardo Fonseca aka ricardofr-200

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plz give me a reply like that to one of my questions? lol

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