I wasted mine five years

From the past five years I had been having all symptoms of ADHD and I came to know right now through Internet and i consulted a doctor and came true
In this five years I dropped out of college where I was pursing bachelors and couldn’t crack medical entrance exam despite giving exam six times.
I couldn’t focus on studies, I couldn’t sit at one place and I’m just thinking about random things.
I am stressed and depressed, mine cousins and classmates are going for some job and I’m sitting idle at home with no contact with people, no friends and sitting all alone at age 23.
Can I make comeback at this age .
I’m depressed


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Ashok !

My answer to you is YES, you can make a comeback. I fully believe that. Maybe the plan isn’t keeping to the schedule you had in mind, maybe you’re going to take a longer, not roundabout way to reach your goal.

Education systems are mostly made by neurotypical people for neurotypical people. But, plenty of people with ADHD find a way to succeed, too.

I wish I’d gotten diagnosed at 23. My life would probably have played out very differently if I had been. My diagnosis came two years ago, at 45.

At 23, you’re just starting out. A missed opportunity isn’t a permanent block.

At 36, I began my current career in Information Technology, but it wasn’t my first career.

  • I worked for many years in Retail (sales, and later management),
  • I was a mathematics tutor for a couple of years, and I loved it. (Just before that, for several months I was an office assistant at the same school.)
  • I also spent a dismal year as a correctional guard (not a good fit fit me, I needed a job with benefits, and that was all that I was offered at the time).

I’m now 47, and I’m starting another new chapter in my life. I’m recently divorced, and I moved across the USA to be with my kids again, to make shared custody much easier. (Just moved into my new house yesterday with my kids.) I still don’t have a job yet, but I’m hopeful that I’ll have a new one soon. I just finished week 1 of a 10 week ADHD coaching program, and since I was in the process of moving at the time, I’m not counting week 1 towards my progress in this program. (Even so, I chalked up one “win” during the week, because I did something that I normally don’t do…I got all my utilities squared away EARLY, for once, and wasn’t scrambling at the last minute to get it done.)

Since you are feeling depressed @Ashok , I encourage you to get help for the depression. Have patience with yourself, you will still be able to achieve much in life. Get the help that you need for your ADHD. Learn about it. Work with your doctor to get on medication that helps. If you are still in school, see what help they have for ADHD. (If not in school, maybe look into coaching, like I’m doing now.)

Thanx JD

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Welcome Ashok . Of course you can recover .

I had a nervous breakdown to get my ADHD detected early 2020. I received a diagnosis of ADHD August 2020 aged 41. I took medication, Concetra.

I bought a property . I have tenants , now earning an income which is not bad .
I have an undergraduate degree in 1999, aged 20 in the U.K., pgdip 2000.

I understand, seeing your friends progress . I have suffered from depression .

Focus on your strengths .

Do another subject , pick an other field , find something you like , which you can achieve success .
Maybe get counselling.
Try and get out and about .
Good luck .

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Ya sure Aladdin

@Ashok, apart from everything else you try, I would suggest learning & practicing meditation and yoga. Your own culture has answers that will help you! You may wish to view the following two videos. They are long but I found them quite useful. If you have difficulty focusing, play them at a faster clip. The first one about focusing & controlling one’s mind. While the second one is about how to translate what you know into action. Note that I am an atheist and I am ok with whatever people believe in. But at the same time I am willing to learn from any source. Note that in the first lecture the speaker uses hindi once in a while. If you don’t know it, just ignore as the rest makes sense even without that. Good luck!