I wrote a play!!!

Hi Brains! I wrote a play about ADHD and I’m looking for input and maybe even peer-review!!! Any takers?

It’s a pretty exciting deal for me as it took me over a year of research, and…let’s face it, most of the time was spent in front of a blank computer screen trying to get started and not knowing what to say. I’d love any input you all would like to give so I can attach a link to the play itself if anyone is interested, but I didn’t want to post it until I had takers. I keep hearing from other people that it’s exactly what people need to hear and I should get it published or copyrighted or share it somehow, but I’m also not sure where to start on that either.


I’m interested!!! It’s amazing you did that and I’d be more than happy to help out :grin:


I think if it helps you, then for sure share it. I think lots of people will check it out.

If people do read it, are you looking for feedback? If so, what kind of feedback? Will you make changes based on that? Or are you just looking for opinions and validation that your draft is good?

What are the next steps after this? Will you be trying to put it into production or submitting it somewhere? What is the ultimate goal and intent of this creative work?

Sounds like an awesome undertaking. Way to go for making it happen!

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Woah that’s awesome! I’d be more than happy to help!! :smiley:

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I am also happy to help out and give some feedback I think it’s a cool idea and concept brought into reality

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I would love feedback and I definitely would consider making changes based on feedback! I’ve already shown it to a couple local brains around me that I know and asked them if there’s anything they’d want changed to reflect more accurately life with ADHD, but I’ve already made any changed they’d suggested.

The next step is getting it copyrighted, which I’m working on right now, but I don’t know if I’ll look at getting it published yet or mostly making it available for brains and therapists/coaches. I submitted it and had to perform it for a professor since I wrote it for credit, but I could have written anything meaningless or fictional. I wanted something that meant something and might be helpful eventually to help others get a little better acquainted with ADHD as a whole.

My ultimate goal for this is for it to help people. I already know it helped the four who saw it, they told me as much, and one even left wanting to ask her ADHD friend for more information about what he was dealing with and how she could support him. Awesome, right!? So, even if this doesn’t help anyone else, it will have done its job. If I can get it to a place where it could help more people (making it into a video, or publishing it for therapeutic/coaching/community awareness purposes, that would be pretty great too. :blush:


OK! Since there were so many interested, I put it on my website and attached a link. Thanks guys! Let me know if you have any feedback, I’m hoping it speaks to you or at least entertains you a bit. :grin: :crossed_fingers: :performing_arts:

Read the Play Here


Awesome work!


@MomBrain Sorry this took me so long to get around to, but wow it’s amazing!!! I relate so much and it conveys a lot about ADHD really well
My only suggestion would be to end it on “ADHD is weird…but I don’t think I hate it as much as I used to.“ except spoken directly to the audience instead of beingwritten down. Maybe it’s just me, but those last few lines afterwards dragged a bit. Hope this was helpful and you did a fantastic job :tada::tada::tada:

( sidenote: I really wish I could go see this now :laughing: )


You did a fantastic job on explaining what’s happening inside our heads. Your play really hits home with me, I even started to tear up at the end too.


I like it except I think distraction should be more distracted by like drumming or dancing or fidgeting or zoning out orsomething. .