If I were to make tiktoks about ADHD, how?

Hello everyone

I’ve been thinking about making some ADHD related tiktoks that are fun but also educational. So, if you guys want to watch fun and educational ADHD tiktoks, what would you guys want them to look like? What engages you to watch them? Then I can see how I can best tackle the issue.

The same thing goes for things like LGBTQ+ (I’m part of the community), race, mental health in general and also body positivity. Obviously all of these topics are very sensitive topics so I wanna make sure I do it right. For instance, the things about race I wanna do to educate white people about the things that happened in the past. They’re more likely to watch and listen to a white person doing this than a black person (which is obviously sad) so I wanna give a voice to the black people by doing this. But I wanna do it in the way they want me to do it. So, black brains, lemme know please. Same goes for all the other things. If you have experience with these things, lemme know how you’d want someone on tiktok to approach this topic in a way that’s fun, educational but also not triggering in any way.

I’m willing to take the risk, but of course if I do it wrong it’s gonna be a problem. So, I just wanna see everyone’s opinion on this. Maybe I won’t do it because it’s too sensitive for people. But I think it’s important to talk and inform people about these kinda things cause they’re happening in the world. So, lemme know how you’d wanna see these kinds tiktoks as well as your opinion on something like this.

I’m absolutely open to criticism. I haven’t done anything yet. It’s important for me to receive criticism cause I don’t want this to be a stupid impulsive decision. Been thinking on it for a while now.


Cool idea, one thing i don’t like about ADHD tiktoks is that they always have so much going on all at the same time, with visuals, writing, narrating, music, sound effects and it makes them unwatchable for me because i cant concentrate on any of it, so i would say not to have to much going on at the same time.

In regards to other topics, I would suggest only covering topics you can relate too, doing it on behalf of somebody else may seem kind but some people may find it patronising or offensive, for me personally somebody without ADHD telling me what it is like to have ADHD unless they were an expert would be annoying.

But that is not to say you can’t talk about it, just always approach it from your personal experience, so for instance if you wanted to talk about race, talk about something you have personally experienced or witnessed and your reaction to it, just be very careful because not everyone experiences the same things.

But from what i have read about you in your posts, you have lots of interesting things you could talk about that could be fun and informative and may help a lot of people who have the same experiences as you.

Good luck with it, I think it is something you could be very good at :slightly_smiling_face:


I do wanna have a course in therapy once in my life to gain all the knowledge. I’m very interested in the thing and I’m also only interested in dropping facts and things I know by experience or people have told me from their experience with their permission ofc


I don’t use Tiktok, but my wife recently started, so I’ve watched along with her when she’s invited me to.

For delivery style, I would suggest doing something similar to what Jessica does with the HowToADHD videos on YouTube. Her videos are relatively short, but keep in mind that Tiktok videos are supposed to be shorter.

Watch Tiktok influencers that you think are effective in getting their message across. If you add visuals, make sure that they are relevant to the topic (and not distracting from it), and that they will help the viewers to remember the meaning and main points easily.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t give up. In time, you will develop your own unique presentation style. Be authentic. Expect it to take time to get used to it

Don’t read the user feedback, or read it when you’re with your boyfriend or another trusted friend, and remember that people who leave feedback aren’t responding to you as a person because they don’t know you.

These topics that you want to educate people on can be hard to get across without seeming to be preachy or judgemental. (As a white person, I’ve had the best conversations about race with people who were friendly and open. When it was someone who was just telling me the way they thought it should be, it felt like I was being criticized for someone else’s words or actions.) Keep in mind that the people who you are trying to educate see themselves as inherently good, so address them with compassion, as if trying to help a friend see your side in a difference of opinion. Remember that you’re adding your voice to a conversation that has been going on for a very long time, and that other people’s attitudes won’t change automatically. They will change gradually, incrementally.

  • The two best ways that I learned about race are 1) anecdotally - mostly shared stories within my family, and 2) from my interactions with people of different races - especially those who acted with kindness and compassion.

Be willing to record several versions of the same video, and note what works and what doesn’t. Learn, always learn. And be patient with yourself.


For anyone who wants to watch my first tiktok on ADHD, here ya go


Wow that is really impressive, finally a video i can actually follow and understand, honestly it is one of the best ADHD tiktoks i have seen, well done, look forward to seeing more :slightly_smiling_face:





So well thought out and your presentation is just AMAZING!!

Also, so nice to see you and hear your voice . . . makes for a more personal connection with you!!!

You represent us :brain::brain::brain::brain:, to the rest of the :earth_africa:, beautifully!



Aww thank you! That’s what we need, for everyone to understand how it works. I bet y’all probably didn’t know it works like this exactly because I didn’t until my therapist told me.

I find it fascinating that actually we do make enough dopamine but because our brains are so fast we don’t receive enough of it to do something with it.

Make sure to share it with everyone so the video blows up :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Very well done @Bubbles17 !

I like that you made the information very understandable for the average person by using your own “givers” and “takers” terminology. And by using a simple graphic and down-to-earth terminology, I think that you have a great approach to presenting via TicTok.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you. I mean, most people with ADHD need simple terminology to understand things, including myself. Funny thing, I’ve often been told off at school for using such terminology in essays cause they found it too “childish”. And I was litteraly like; yeah but I can’t use other teminology cause that’s gonna make myself confused. My brain doesn’t work that way. So, what used to be a bad thing is actually a good thing now. I apperantly am really good at explaining things. More people have told me in the past


In school, they teach you how to write and speak in language & terminology appropriate for the working world.

In the working world, there is a need for workers who interact with the public to write and speak in more plain language, or in analogies that are easily understood. It seems that you have this ability.

I do, too. In my work in tech support, I can speak “techie” with the higher level technology workers (e.g. programmers, network technicians, server administrators), and I can speak “human” to the customers/end-users. Just as importantly, I can translate between “techie” and “human”.

I’m proud to be a professional “nerd”. :nerd_face:

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Yeah I have that same ability. It someone doesn’t understand something I can even tone it down to litteral baby language if I need. My mom has complimented me on this very often. Even yesterday cause I contacted foster care about something :joy:


Well for my doing my tiktok is pretty much blowing up. I asked the universe at first if I could get 50 views by the time I wake up in the morning. It got to 80 before I went to bed so I asked for a 100. It’s now over 300 views. I now asked for 500 for today :joy::joy::joy:


Okay so at this point I’m almost at a 1000 views! WTF! That’s a lot for my doing! Thank you so much, you guys obviously helped a part in that!

So, I put a new tiktok out:


And another tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMevhfQ6f/

My first tiktok has reached 2700 views by now. I hope I see 3000 when I wake up tomorrow morning :tada::tada::tada:




Glad it’s going so well, it was obviously meant to be :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes. The only thing is that the other tiktok aren’t doing so well. But maybe that has to do with that it’s a bit of a different style. I’ll figure it out. I’m pretty sure I need to keep playing around and I’ll find my way


Well if theres one thing were good at, it’s finding our own way :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep up the great work :+1:t3: