If you have ADHD and an anxiety disorder (or just a lotta anxiety) this may help

Sorry to make a clip bait title but that was the first thing I could think of and I’m supposed to be doing things (one of them is finishing something I was enjoying but got distracted from and the other is eat)

Ok to subject. If you tell someone you need to do something, if you keep forgetting to do it, and even if they arent listening, you’ll remember and you’ll do it! Like I told someone I need to eat and then I did it! (When I wouldnt have before because the world is happening so who needs to eat)

Hopefully this isnt something that everyone knows except me and sorry if it is

Also sorry if I sound very energetic, that’s what happens when I dont eat for like 8 hours. I may have also hyperfocused…


Having an accountability partner is great. And talking about a task and committing to it with another person is a common strategy used in therapy, whether individual or group. When I worked on a crisis line a few years ago, we would do that too. “If you feel like you can’t stay safe, will you agree to call us back?” Something along those lines. The power of intention and the accountability of someone else knowing and possibly checking on you is great. I’m glad you’ve found that it works for you!