I'm 33 and just got diagnosed....

I’m Kim from South Carolina.
Never been diagnosed before but had plenty of conversations about not being motivated or not caring or liking something.
I’ve had various successes but I either just barely made it or hit a wall. I got into a Magnet school for Academics (lol if you get this) and I went to College and finished which is great. However, my GPA was pretty low since I had the hardest time doing homework, focusing, studying, taking notes, etc. I also didn’t have the greatest friendships at the time either. Then I started working and while I could show up every day and work all the overtime I could stand I would hear from my co-workers and supervisors that I didn’t care or hated my job. I guess I have made simple mistakes here and there that caused others more work. So this has led me to change jobs frequently. I’ve been trying to “find the right thing” but I have probably just needed some treatment all this time…
Maybe I was a little high functioning and not bouncing off the walls so it looked different to others, I guess.
Any-who, I went to at Psychiatrist earlier this week and was diagnosed and started Adderall yesterday.
While parts of my past suck, I’m optimistic and embracing this diagnosis as the right fresh start.
If anyone has tips on discussing this with family, friends and maybe work, it would be helpful. I have friends that are very supportive. Maybe 1 or 2 will be confused. I have not shared with my parents. We are very close but I don’t want it to come off as an excuse. Same for work. Don’t want it to be a cop out.


:+1: And “optimism” is what I will keep in my mind for you!!


Thanks so much!

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:sunglasses: anytime . . .