I'm a doctor with ADHD.


Hello everyone. I’m very glad to have found this place for support and be able to talk to people that can relate to the issues I face every day. Currently living in Chicago, originally from Cuba.
I was diagnosed with ADHD 2 months ago at the age of 28. I am a doctor and recently started my residency training in pediatrics and as much as I try and work hard it seems impossible to multitask and keep things organized . Obviously this has been there for my whole life but of course I came up with coping mechanisms to get around my deficiencies.
Only God knows how I managed to take 8 hours long board exams without medication but I feel it would have been so much easier if I knew about my ADHD then.
Also I have recently started taking medication, feeling so frustrated and overwhelmed about it since I have no time for appointments. Still trying things out here and there and I have so many questions.



Welcome! I am very impressed. I have so much trouble with science and my short term memory problems really make it hard to take a test. Feel free to ask away. That’s the purpose of this forum. Share your frustration, because we understand. Maybe we can find a way to help. :slight_smile:



Welcome to the Tribe, friend, MD!:joy::wink:

I feel you. I finished my Master’s Degree and got diagnosed less than a year after. Decent grades, but horrible during my Bachelor’s, and I also wonder how big of a difference medication earlier would have made… But we’re here now, and it’s all good, hopefully we can get better moving forward!:grin::+1:

Happy to have you here, and good luck with your residency! I can at least guarantee that with pediatrics, things will never get boring and monotonous!:joy:



Welcome! I did two bachelor degrees and had started a master’s course before hetting a diagnosis and then meds and coaching.

The coaching is helping me sooooo much! If there is any way you can put some stuff on a slower/different schedule so that you can spend time working on ‘yourself’, you will gain more hours than it costs in increased efficiency.

It’s a rollercoaster, but before this it was more like a ghost train, with nasty stuff coming across my path when I wasn’t expecting it. I seem to be headed for something calmer than a rollercoaster now, though… Would that be the dodgems? :sweat_smile:



What’s up, Doc? :smile:

Sorry, always wanted to use that line in context. :blush:

Welcome to the Tribe!



Damn it! Why didn’t I think of that?!:clap::joy::+1:



Thank you everyone for your responses and for the warm welcome. Sorry for the late reply. :grin:



It’s an ADHD forum, no worries.:joy:

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Welcome to the tribe! It’s great to see more professionals on here.

And you’ve done extremely well to get to where you are, considering the hurdles in your way. Personally, I barely graduated high school, and only got 2.5 years through university before imploding, so I envy your achievements, but not your struggle.

There is a sense that the medical profession (mental health specifically) has fallen down regarding diagnosis and treatment. The methodology seems almost light hearted in its approach to actively diagnosing patients.

You’re far from the only one here who has had to wait a long time for the answers to so many questions.

But you found them in the end, and you’re in the right place now. Welcome again!



I knew I should have turned left at Albuquerque! :smile:



Welcome to the Tribe!!:+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Oye !! Lol. Jk My mom was born in Cuba also…
I grew up in Miami, Fl. But moved to NY… 2 years ago… its not often up here Meeting up with a Cubanito. I was going to say something to you yesterday… but I was in the middle of an assessment and I had to put it off.

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I’m actually a cubanita. :grin:. Nice to meet you! I agree, it is hard to find Cubans this far north.

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Hahaha, that’s great!!! Nice to meet you too…and Sorry about that😬 I know I am always craving cuban resturants
good cooked meals… but luckily…I can cook!!
I can’t lie, Miss los pastelitos de guayaba…



Actually there are many Cuban restaurants and cafes , seems to be the trendy places to go in Chicago ( not a single Cuban works there) so never like Miami where you find cheap , good and large portions.
I don’t have enough patience or time to cook so I just survive on chicken ( thrown into the instantpot with bunch of things), rice and hospital cafeteria food lol

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Oh man, that happened to me and my daughter the first month over here we were dying for Cuban food, found a place and the waiter couldn’t even pronounce platanos maduros… lmao… we actually didnt laugh but I was close to… damn. I feel bad now saying that.
But it was ok… nothing like Miami and yeah the portions are skimpy.
But that’s why I had to start to COOK at home… I just missed it… simple meals… picadillo con arroz… arroz con pollo… carne con papas… haha
I ran into 1 cuban lady at a restaurant once… and she doesn’t even live here lives in Canada. Imaginate.



El placer es nuestro. Bienvenidos de nuevo, medica Cubanita!

Try finding Cubans in Australia… Few and far between. Not even a decent mojito here. Our version of rum (Bundaberg Rum) sends people psychotic… Otherwise, it’s quite nice.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Cuban restaurant here… Not within a few thousand kilometers of me at least.

The closest I figure I’ll get to Cuban cooking in Perth, is probably my copy of The Old Man and the Sea, and the empty box from my last Cohiba.

Salud! Y buen provecho por tu pollo cocido en estilo medio Cubano.

It’s not often I get to practice writing in Spanish… I still haven’t worked out how to use accent marks and proper punctuation on an Aussie keyboard…

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I hear ya, I don’t know how to either on a qwerty keyboard. Its more complicated than its worth. Luckily I can change my phone text to “Español” and it does the work for me… lol.

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Hi didoMD! Im a medical doctor with ADHD too! origin from Malaysia… i am new here and feel very glad to know about this community support… honestly to live with ADHD without peer or group support is not an easy thing… i’ve been diagnosed with ADHD when i was 28years old… im working in a local health clinic, just got back from work after 7 months MC for other medical reason… when i started my work back, i feel being pressurised by my colleagues to work faster… well, when i look back at my cases, all are not straight forward case, with multiple problems… but when my colleague treating me like i am slow, i doubt myself… is it really my cases are difficult or i am really slow… have you ever experience the same thing?