I'm back and keeping positive in these times!

Hi Folks,

I disappeared from here about a year ago due to distractions with work and grad school. Basically: I went from a job that wasn’t working out to one that worked great, completed my remaining degree requirements, and finally graduated with my Masters of Computer Science last month! @scot

After spending the past 6 years isolated in a room nonstop towards completing my studies: I was looking forward to [re]building my social and recreational life after graduation. Instead: my reward is to remain isolated in a room; which of course has caused depression, frustration, and resentment.

Having spent enough time sitting around stagnant, hating the world, pitying myself, and envying others: I’ve recently started to work towards the idea that "self-improving where possible in these bad times today can help maximize great times tomorrow"; and have put all of my faith in this principle.

Towards this, I’ve been [re]watching some of Jessica’s videos in the hopes of recapturing some of the energy and stamina that they and this community helped me achieve in many areas of wellness and productivity last year. Especially as I’ve just started doing at least a ~2 mile walk each day.

I hope everyone here is likewise working towards persistence, perseverance, and endurance in these times, else otherwise hanging in there as much as possible!



Congrats on getting your masters


I like that we can mention this accomplishment for any college students who find their way to these forums and are doubting if they have what it takes to successfully complete their studies and graduate. The answer is - YES YOU DO! While it won’t be easy (nor is it for neurotypicals), it is more than possible!

I know of brains with severe ADHD who are successful attorneys (JD and passed Bar Exam), doctors (MD and passed residency), research scientists (MS/PhD and earned reputation in the Academy), etc.; some who are [were?] active posters on this forum!