I'm feeling very bad please somebody help me

I’m 17 and I need desperate help.In my country nobody can help me .I think I have adhd and my whole life was a mess .I have panic attacks and waves of depression and I’ve been like this my whole life.My school grades are very bad and my brain is a mess.I don’t know what to do anymore please please somebody help me


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Hello Drilona :heart:

We have a lot of people here in countries that don’t really treat ADHD. I would recommend connecting with them in #international and seeing what they use to cope. If you are struggling with something in particular, if How to ADHD has a video for it, I can link you to it… and you can always post in #toolbox if you’re looking for coping strategies. Unfortunately I don’t know much about your country and how they handle mental health.

Have you tried to go to a mental health professional if there are any? Or even just therapy?

I wish I could help you with resources in your own country more than the basic questions. :heart: But at the very least, if you need help with a coping strategy, we can help you with those. As well as any support and encouragement.


Honestly I’m feeling better right now.I really need someone to understand me.Thanks a lot❤ But i also have that fear what if I’m wrong and this is just an excuse and i don’t know if are doctors that can help me .I’ve talked with my family and my brother says we’re gonna fix it together but I’m in that point of empathy and I just need help.I don’t know if is there a doctor on Greece or Italy or somewhere for adhd I don’t know where to search.And are they gonna understand me i really don’t know


I know it will get better but I just want to do things on the right way .And thanks a lot I really want to talk with someone right now

Does google help you at all if you google for ADHD help in Italy or Greece? You could also talk to your normal Doctor, see if they can help you or give you ideas of where to go. :heart:


I don’t know how things are where you’re from, but there are a ton of resources outside of medical that can help you. That fear of being wrong and feeling like it’s an excuse is very, very common amongst us ADHDers (myself included). Believe what your gut is telling you and don’t give up. I’ve been there, struggling, yelling at your own brain, laughing and crying at the same time… it will work out. Just stick around here and fine others you connect with. <3