I'm Finally Functional & You Guys Heckin' Rock <3

In more ways than one!

Some of y’all might remember this delightful thread Hiya. I went to the Emergency Room. Much to my dismay everything didn’t quite get better as quickly as I would’ve hoped. In order to get medication in my hands sooner rather than later, my psychiatrist put me on Ritalin XR/LA/whateveryawannacallit in hopes of it helping without the added trouble of fighting insurance. I tried 20mg for a week and it was alright - I had some emotional stability again, and that was nice. So we boosted me to 30mg to see how that went, and it was okay for about a week, then everything started crashing all over again. I was -slightly- useful at work but at home I was entirely useless, and I was constantly exhausted.

Bless my psych’s heart, she was able to get me in a week ahead of schedule so we could go over options again. PRIOR to this, my fiancee had done extensive amounts of research into what generic brands are out there for Adderall XR, that way we knew what brands to request… and what brands we weren’t comfortable requesting. So I was pulled from Ritalin and put back onto Adderall XR, to which started a new game. Finding who had the generic brands we needed, of course, no one told us that they weren’t really allowed to say if they had a specific brand in stock so we got a lot of ‘no’s’ until my fiancee walked into our current pharmacy, desperate. The lovely pharmacist there told him that even though they couldn’t tell him over the phone what they had, since he was there in person (and had a script in hand), they could tell him… and lo and behold, they actually had my #1 choice of generic IN STOCK. It hadn’t been in stock for weeks. So I’m back at it - I’m back on the proper medication again, HUZZAH.

I can function again - which means I should be weaseling my way back here! I have some plans for the forums that I’m hoping to work on relatively soon, and starting later in the week I’ll catch up on all those waving bears. :wink:

A mighty huge THANK YOU to everyone’s lovely support and wonderful words during this saga! Fingers crossed I don’t have to go through something like that again… especially since I now have a ‘back up brand’ in case my favorite brand is out for any reason again. :crossed_fingers:

My success is definitely surviving up to this point. I had almost hit rock bottom a second time when the Ritalin didn’t work (envious of those who it works for :wink:), and now I’m back to being able to handle cleaning my very dirty kitchen without having a full on meltdown just by looking at it for a second. I was able to handle dishes and get everything cleaned up in the kitchen, I was able to clean off and organize my desk at home. This weekend I’ll be cleaning up the dining room table and living room… like… I’m back to being able to work on these things again. I can finally bop around here and mingle with you guys and work on the forums again. I’m so excited and so so so grateful for all of you! Not only were your words of encouragement lovely and wonderful, but I never really stressed about being gone for so long. I knew I had a @scot keeping an eye on things here, but I never once was concerned about the community itself imploding. You guys are so wonderful, not just to me, but to each other and I’ve never been prouder to be part of a community. You guys rock :heart:


Welcome back, Harley! :heart:

Sorry you’ve been going through it, and I hope this functioning period lasts a long time for you😚


Glad you’re feeling much better @HarleyKyn :slight_smile:


That’s great news! Welcome back :wink: hope you don’t have to deal with out something like this again!!!