I'm into bachelor's degree in computer science

Not gonna lie. I can’t think of a better decision than this(ADHD-friendly). Here I get instant feedback from the computer. I’m a first-year BSc cs student currently. There will be new subjects each term. The novelty issue gets solved here. Also, we can keep learning even after the degree. The journey is endless. I think I was dumb thinking this was the end of my future(not getting into med school). Well, I took this decision in a hurry and I’m surprised by how accurate I was. The fact I’m excited to study this is an achievement in itself. I’m really not sure how it will turn out for me. Also performed my first open mic 2 weeks ago. That was the end of my excessive fear and trauma for the stage. People are telling me I’m good at poetry. And first molecules of serotonin got released after almost 2 years. Enough living on the edge. The situation at home is not gonna change anyway. I’m somewhat happy with some burden after almost 2 years. Some problems still exist, and some are no more. I’m not at all interested in physics chemistry biology. I figured it out the hard way. That’s it. I will do some more open mics in the upcoming months. I’m excited so I exaggerated that I’m happy. That’s still good. I will stop meds for now as there are some financial issues going on. They didn’t work exceptionally for me instead I lost weight because of a loss in appetite. Also, I wasn’t having problems with studying the horrific lack of social interaction was the issue. This got fixed after my college life started. I tried ending this topic many times but being ADHDer how can I not forget some things to mention😂. Bye. Trust me my brain this is the end.

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Sorry brain but I’ll have to do this. I’m still on meds. I will see if I really really need them. As far as I know, they just increase my heartbeat and cure my mental restlessness a bit. I take 10 mg of Ritalin once a day. I know I must experiment with the quantity of dosage and then think about leaving them totally. But my mom got diagnosed with thyroid gland issues. This is not smart for me to add any expenses for my family. I will try to grab any internship in 2nd year and will work on that. I think you people understand my conern.

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Welcome to this family of :brain::brain::brain::brain::brain::bangbang:

What you describe sounds familiar. I am 75 diagnosed ADHD in my 50s. My 45-year-old son was diagnosed when he was four years old. And his 13 y.o. daughter is one of us too.

When my son graduated high school he planned to become an auto mechanic. Mostly because, he did not feel that he was “college material”. However, a month or two before he was to begin that vocational program, he asked his mother not to be angry with him . . . because he had figured out that maybe he wasn’t so “stupid” as he thought he was and that perhaps he was college material. It took him 7 1/2 years, three different colleges, 5 to 6 different declared majors, before he “discovered” that he had a great interest in computers. Once he found what he was excited about and held his attention, he went on to finish graduating with a BS degree in computer engineering. And I have boasted about his accomplishments here a number of times and I’m not shy to do so again with the hope that you, and perhaps other young people like you, will get a boost in your motivation to pursue that which captures your interest and holds your attention . . . and then leads to success! Oh yes, as for my unabashed and shameless boasting . . . despite all of his struggles, academically, socially, and with the challenging aspects of ADHD . . . He graduated with an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.97. His only regret was that in school he did not major in electrical engineering. Why? because that major would have required even more high-level math classes than computer engineering. Once in the work world, he very quickly started his career as an “electrical engineer”!

In any event, I wish you the very best on your journey toward success. Given your considerable insight and understanding about the challenges that you must (and will I’m sure) manage . . . I am confident that success is in the cards for you!