I'm just tired!



I lost my job because I had a meltdown. Applying for new ones is stressful and the anxiety that comes with waiting is unbearable. Worst of all, our medication is so expensive so I have been surviving without it, feeling worst than ever! Do neurotypicals ever experience things like these?


YES! I’ve had some months where I’ve been unable to afford medication and I live in Jamaica and they don’t take ADHD seriously here and I’ve had to go through 3 months of the entire island being out of the medication entirely. What I found that helps when I’m off the medication is scheduling a routine. Write EVERYTHING down and list all the tasks you want to achieve for tomorrow or the next day by an hourly basis ie. schedule when you’ll wake up, have breakfast, goof off, an inevitable procrastination hour, then 30 mins for something productive like job hunting. Pomodoro Timers help as well along with meditation to calm the mind and anxiety levels (The Headspace app is good and free for trial). Not sure if this advice is for everyone but good luck!


I too am between jobs if you can go to a community health outreach and let them know, you need help going to the Doctor they will most likely help you with a government program medical assistance until you get employed again… I dont exactly know where you live, but if you are here in the united states and need assistance in the meantime, Yes you can and they will ask your financial questions and apply for you… look for your own city community outreach centers… I know for me, i couldn’t even apply online for assistance because the application process was drooling and I just couldn’t even navigate or get help that way…but this is medically necessary. You do not need to let them know anything personal about your ADHD, or anything they won’t ask… …just simply reach out as soon as you can and ask to please help you go to a doctor, explain the situation about losing your insurance and you are without medication and are struggling and not having the resistance to look for work.

Good luck and get yourself help first then you can find work…