I'm not diagnosed yet. Here's what I'm fighting with

Hi Tribe

I’m 28 and super lost at the moment. I experience very conflicting symptoms when it comes to ADHD. And I am still not sure if I have it.

Here are some things that I’m constantly fighting with:

  • I have ideas flooding my brain constantly, new ideas are like a drug to me. Doesn’t matter if it’s business ideas, blog post ideas, or whatever. Then I fall in love with these ideas but lose interest after a while. This vicious cycle often repeats.

  • Stimuli of any kind really. I’m easily bored. When I worked for two companies my brain always kept telling me that I can do more than a 9 to 5 and that I should pursue my ideas. And anyway working in such a setting really sucked the life out of me. Handling stress was also super problematic.

  • I suffer from incredible feelings of frustration and overwhelm. Sometimes minor stuff completely paralyzed me in the past. Pushing through never worked and only made it worse. Feelings of depression already occurred here and there.

  • I’m super nervous and constantly fighting and chewing on my fingernails. There’s a constant feeling of restlessness. My brains always doing a race. Sometimes this leads to difficulties falling asleep.

  • I’m always doing too many things at once. Focusing on one thing and prioritizing is super hard for me.

On the other side, I can be super productive and hyper-focused for hours, if something is personally interesting to me. I don’t really have problems getting shit done, at least not in university. My Master’s thesis was handed in 2 months before the deadline, long before any of my friends finished theirs. I don’t know but I feel the structured environment of the university, only having one clear goal and my deep interest in the topic made that possible.

Isn’t that unusual for someone who might have ADHD? This feeling is tearing me apart. On the one hand, I’m known for being structured & ambitious, and other the other hand I can be in complete chaos, jumping all over the place, feeling completely overwhelmed/frustrated etc.

To be honest, I am just super confused and don’t know what to think.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Sounds like adhd to me! I do the same thing and im diagnosed. I finished my entire college essay in 30 minutes yet have about 10 other unfinished assignments. adderall does help me some but i it takes alot of work to do something im not interested in. the structured and ambitious side is that hyperfocus, and the crazy side is the adhd. when i dont have anything im passionate about for a time i can get lethargic and people think im depressed when im not. honestly id recommend trying different prescriptions from a psychiatrist for the adhd and a therapist or this website to talk about and talk through emotional trauma to help with the feelings. adhd can be more or less hard to deal with depending on trauma youve gone through so fixing the trauma can really help with the symptoms as well. i hope you can get the help you want!


Sounds Right x1

Yup x2

I made mine start to bleed the otherday… x3

I am the same way x4

The reason I did not do this one the start is so me but never worked for any companies lol.

What the getting your assignment done 2 months early?


Oh and Welcome @GucciKudoand @keely


Yeah, I always dismissed ADHD as a possibility because I never really had the struggles of getting work done, missing appointments, forgetting other tasks, etc. I’m weirdly structured in this way and can focus for many hours. But the rest…oh boy.
Thank you for your comments. This makes things so much clearer to me. Really need to find a way to cope with these issues.


You can Have ADHD and still be successful.

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Oh yeah, I have no doubt about that. But I feel the ADHD is holding me back. I’ve already found some mechanisms to face some of my issues. However, the emotional side is still difficult.

How about you?

Did you find some coping mechanisms for the frustration/overwhelm?


Well Right now I am working with teachers that are helping me with my ADHD at school which causes most of my overwhelm but i mostly just shut down even tho I know its not my fault. I am not Diagnosed with anything but I am almost certain I have ADHD and I might have dyslexia.

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