I'm not on drugs


I often get asked If I take drugs (the illegal kind) just because of how I am, like my daydreaming, forgetfulness, abstract thinking and generally looking spaced out alot o the time, I get it from friends and work mates and I’m sure some people think it but don’t want to say.
I was wondering if anyone else gets this?


Oh yeah. Never to my face, but teachers and coaches and parents warned my friends to stay away from my bad druggie influence. Over it now, but it was really upsetting at the time, since I was always a sweet kid.


I don’t mind so much If people ask because I can explain, but when they just assume I do, lt kind of upsets me. If they don’t ask I can’t exactly walk up to them and say “by the way I dont take drugs” kind of makes you look guilty lol


Nah, but you can take the opportunity to say “By the way, sometimes I look really out of it, that’s because I have Attention Deficit Syndrom so please don’t be offended!”. When people already have a likely explanation for your “weird” behavior, they don’t tend to make as many wild guesses.


Oh the irony… you need drugs to look like normal. And explain that to someone? Sure, good luck with that :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy:I never though of it like that, but so true :+1:.