I'm not on drugs

Oh yeah. Never to my face, but teachers and coaches and parents warned my friends to stay away from my bad druggie influence. Over it now, but it was really upsetting at the time, since I was always a sweet kid.


I don’t mind so much If people ask because I can explain, but when they just assume I do, lt kind of upsets me. If they don’t ask I can’t exactly walk up to them and say “by the way I dont take drugs” kind of makes you look guilty lol

Nah, but you can take the opportunity to say “By the way, sometimes I look really out of it, that’s because I have Attention Deficit Syndrom so please don’t be offended!”. When people already have a likely explanation for your “weird” behavior, they don’t tend to make as many wild guesses.

Oh the irony… you need drugs to look like normal. And explain that to someone? Sure, good luck with that :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy:I never though of it like that, but so true :+1:.

My family always thought I was just because I was a “troubled” child that was often dazed and forgetful. It was really annoying.

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I just always blame my unusual behaviour on my “natural high” :sweat_smile: I’m sure some people think I’m on something, but for the most part I don’t care.

I’ve always leaned into my weirdness and been proud of it, so no shame there for me. Infact, I actively try to be quirky, cause it makes me feel in control of how I come across more. Sure, I’m weird, but it’s my own brand of weirdness, and normality is so overrated! :grin:

Like, for an example, I have a tattoo of mushrooms on me. Which could make someone who doesn’t know me think I’m into psychedelics. But I’ve never tried magic mushroom, I’m just very passionate about foraging and mushroom ID’ing etc.

I like to toy with the perception others have of me… :sweat_smile:

In conclusion:
Don’t care if others think you’re spaced out or strange! Own it like the unique little mushroom that you are! :mushroom::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My favourite ever reply :grin: you’re awesome. I remember when I was younger trying so hard to be normal, now i’m just myself and it’s much more fun this way, also it’s allowed me to see that most people are just trying there best to act normal and only concealing there inner wierdness.


Haha, glad you liked it :sweat_smile:

I’ve always been different, and there have certainly been times when I wish I fitted in more (I don’t think being a teenager is easy for most people…), but I’ve never really wanted to be more “normal”, I just wish more people were weird :grin:

I’ve always wondered why people are so obsessed with coming across as “normal” anyway. None of us are anyway. Even neurotypical people. We all have our quirks. (Some more than others for sure :sweat_smile:) and that’s what I think makes people interesting!
I love learning about other people’s weirdness. Why would you want to hide the things that make you different and stand out?? I like uniqueness.

I for one much prefer to hang out with someone equally quirky, than get bored by someone “normal” :blush:

If someone doesn’t appreciate you for you, they’re not worth getting hung up on anyway.

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It’s actually a really interesting question as to why people feel the need to be normal, I wonder if it’s partly instinctual to mimic the behaviour of others around you, so as to be accepted into a group.

I also think that this instinct to fit in can and probably is used to manipulate people, or maybe even to stear whole nations into thinking a certain way, and supporting a leader of a country for instance.

Just a thought :joy:

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My mother has complained most of my life about my inability to pretend normalcy. In fact, I make an effort to NOT do things if everyone else is doing them. She thinks it’s detrimental to my life to be like that. I think it’s detrimental to my mental health to be a lemming.


Yeah I guess there’s an evolutionary bias to everyone acting more or less the same. The majority of people act a certain way, then a few outside thinkers test the waters on new ideas and behaviours.
Cause evolutionarily speaking it’s risky.
The fear of the unknown.
It could work in your favour, or potentially get you killed too.
Society is a very harsh judge, because as a species (and arguably all species), we are wary and suspicious of change. But that’s only because we don’t understand it.

We don’t trust people of different nationalities or ethnicities because we don’t understand their language or their habits and culture.

Once we do, the fear of the unknown is gone, and we understand that these people, although different, are more or less like ourselves.
Trying to make the most of what we have in this world, and live our lives in peace.

Anyhow, I feel like I’ve hijacked this thread and going off on a very philosophical tangent here…

So as you were… :joy:


ADHD fits nicely into what you are saying because It gives a person the ability to think differently or take risks, it is how we have come so far as a species, it’s how we learnt to control fire, to speak and write, everything that could be considered normal was once just an idea in someone’s brain, someone who had that ability to think differently, and if nobody had that ability and we all just thought normally then I guess we’d most likely all still be living in caves :joy:

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I think you are right, it is bad for your health to pretend to be something that you are not.
I do think that some people are naturally social chameleons and find it easy to fit in and don’t mind changing to do it, and that’s fine for them, but just not fit me. :slight_smile:

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My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

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When I was in 7th and 8th grade people always thought I smoked weed. Was stoned all the time. I always smiled skipped and would lay in the grass field at lunch and stare at the clouds


I guess our behaviours may seem strange to so called normal people, but then again most normal peoples behaviour seems strange to me :joy:

I still Stare at clouds :slight_smile:

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I figured I’d post anyway.

When I finally flunked out of my first college I had just entered a period of intense depression and sleep deprivation. I dragged myself to my dismissal meeting with my student adviser and after a very long monologue about the process I was about to go through he finally stopped mid-sentence and looked me dead in the eyes.

“I want you to tell me the truth… are you doing drugs right now?”

I had been about to fall asleep from his droning voice, but that question woke me up pretty quick. If I hadn’t been depressed and incredibly tired and resigned, I probably would have been enraged that he would accuse me of taking illegal substances.

I’ve had others occasionally comment on my odd behavior, but that was the only time someone came out and asked point-blank if I was on something.

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I’ve had someone ask me at a wedding reception for what I was on. That… was special. (undiagnosed at the time and never illegally used drugs)

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I got that a lot from my family. They were convinced that I was on drugs. Even after I was diagnosed with ADD. Problem was that we were never really informed about ADD, and my family didn’t bother to look into it on their own. It caused a lot of complications.