I'm panicking please help...

So I’ve been having trouble keeping myself afloat with everything in my life.

I was supposed to see a neuro psychologist/neuro psychiatrist… was.
Because I forgot to send her my insurance information She has canceled the appointment that I made. I made it 4 months ago.

This was to help me with a diagnosis. And I sent it ot her today. The appointment is tomorrow… I think missed my chance. And I’m crying and panicking and I need I need to go into work in 10 minutes.

I’m afraid I need to wait another 4 months on top of everything else going on in my life.

What do I do?


Call their scheduling and see if the slot is filled and explain the situation to the nurse. That is step one.

No need to panic (though we will, won’t we? :blush:) until we know the appointment is truly canceled and rescheduled.

And if they have taken you off the schedule, you don’t have to accept it. Yes, make a new appointment for whenever it will be and call once a week to see if they can get you in sooner. Every time there is a sooner appointment snag it.


Do they really do that???

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Do which?

If a slot opens you can usually get on a list to get seen earlier. I find it best to get a little chatty and involve the person on the other side of the phone in my dilemma personally. Never through falseness, just genuine vulnerability and concern. Always be respectful of their job and effort.

Call often if they have already filled your old appointment. Take any available appointment and keep calling if it is too far out to see if there are openings.


Didn’t know they could push the appointment sooner.

She did get back to me. I would need to reschedule unfortunately. But even if I did, I haven’t hit my deductible. She said I would need to pay $1100 out of pocket at this point…

I’m overwhelmed and at a loss right now. I don’t really know how deductibles work all that well… and I’m in a situation where dropping $1100 is not currently in the cards right now…:pensive:

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…Y’know, it sounds like it’d almost be cheaper and easier to move to a different country =| .

I’m guessing you’re in the USA, because it’s a common experience for that system to be downright excruciating to navigate if you’re among the people who most need help, chronically expensive for everyone, and acutely expensive for anyone who doesn’t play their cards precisely right.

None of which helps your situation, but maybe you can take some cold comfort from knowing that you’re not the source of the problem…

Hopefully there’ll be someone who can help you navigate the rough waters :slight_smile: .

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It shouldn’t be $1100 up front, but rather that amount to be billed to you. Ask for an arrangement to make payments.

Yes, openings do come up. (It might be what happened to your original appointment slot.)

Being persistent and polite can definitely help in a situation like this.

If your employer has an option for a Health Savings Account (HSA), look into it. (I had one employer that even matched 50¢ on every dollar I put into an HSA, up to $1000 per year on their part.) My HSA contributions through my employer were deducted from my paycheck, so I didn’t have to remember to transfer money myself.


An HSA is golden. If you don’t invest in any other form of retirement savings, do an HSA. It’s pretax, lowers your bracket, and can be used for ANY medical expense. From buying an aspirin or bottle of vitamins to long term medical assistance when one grows old.

If I could offer one piece of financial planning advice to anyone it would be to contribute the max you can every year to an HSA. Before your 401k or IRA.


I’ll agree that the health care system in the USA is complicated and aggravating, but as @Mabd pointed out, there’s often some flexibility. Earlier time slots can open up for those who are persistent, polite, and have patience. Payment arrangements can be worked out. (Most doctor’s offices will not insist on full payment at time of service, because then they would lose patients.)


Many will also adjust for the uninsured. My lab bill for a recent visit would have been 3k if it was billable to insurance. Because I am paying it directly I paid 120. Big difference.

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Lmao I’ve considered it many times.

You’d be right. The health system is complete garbage. But I thank you for reassuring me that I’m not the problem. I was beating myself up and getting suicidal idiations. I called my therapist and she’s helping me though it.

She said I haven’t hit the deductible. I would need to hit $2000 first for anything to kick in. (none of it ever made sense to me)

Never heard of it. I will look into this today!