I'm really saddened with the reddit /r/adhd community

This is actually the main reason why I made the forums. The moderator community at /r/ADHD is not a supportive group.

I made this post, nothing advertising, just show casing off the video. We mention the forums and the work we wanted to do. Because I firmly believe that more communities and more communication is the best. Here’s my post.

It still exists here:

But you do not see it inside the new or hot or anything at all.

I received 0 messages from the moderators.

I got no support from this community.

It’s because of /r/adhd on how I found Jessica’s Channel… to make a website… TO MAKE THESE FORUMS… TO CREATE A COMMUNITY TO HELP OTHERS LIKE US…

And they just… do not accept anything or give any feedback. I believe there is one moderator on this sub-reddit that is ruining this community.

So I’m not going to attack them. I made a different community. One that is open. One that will give you feedback. One where you feel like you’re involved!

It saddens me that… /r/adhd is not an inclusive community.

Thank you all for listening… This is why we are here today.


That sub has it’s purpose it brought me as newly diagnosed to Jessica’s channel and thus these forums.


I think you’re right Scot, the more places this tribe can find community, the better :slight_smile: I know r/adhd has helped a lot of people, it’s where I first turned for support when I started this channel too. They may not be super responsive or supportive of posts to outside resources but I’m glad they exist & I’m glad you were inspired to create these forums because of your experiences there. <3


Unfortunately, I think that might be a fairly common issue with subreddits (in general) that have a “target audience” that is different ‘enough’ from the reddit “target audience” … if that makes sense? I suspect that the people who read and post things on the ADHD subreddit might be mostly “normal” reddit users who happen to also have ADHD (rather than members of the ADHD community who happened to randomly stumble upon an ADHD-related subreddit).

I recently had a similar issue with a different subreddit. Over a period of about two weeks, I consciously made the decision to stop commenting (and just go back to silently lurking) on that subreddit because I disagreed with the some of the things that the moderators were doing… oddly enough, I noticed that at least one of the other more vocal commenters also happened to go silent around that same time.

Personally, I think reddit’s “problem” is that it lacks the ability to adapt to accommodate communities / groups that don’t fit into society’s norms. Things that the ADHD community will tolerate (because we all know that it’s a completely “normal” ADHD-thing) might get you labeled as a ‘troll’ or ‘weird’ elsewhere… =/

And here’s TWO quarters: one for the video :white_circle: and another one for making the forums :white_circle: =)

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It’s just… frustrating. I do understand why they take a hard stance on advertisements, commenting on what works for brains and just the general feel.

It’s… un-nerving to see some of Jessica’s videos have it ok, but most of the time, they just shadow ban the topic. There isn’t a set rule or any communication from the moderators.

It’s just.

“This is the way we do it and you might have broke a rule but we aren’t going to tell you or tell you that we removed your topic. Also you won’t ever find out that we removed it unless you look at your post history.”


Maybe it is comforting for you to know that on the CHADD-forum (or at least I think it is from them)- the Adult ADHD hub they are actually talking about How to ADHD as one of the TOP resources. There is even one topic named ‘hello brains’. Made me smile just to see it.
I am not on reddit but can somehow imagine the frustration. Thanks for creating this community.
GOd bless you!


Thank you for this open forum. I’m new. It is good to know I’m not the only one who views the world differently!

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Thank you for your words :slight_smile:

I’m glad it’s not just me. I actually have been having bad experiences too. One of the mods, in my opinion, is way too blunt, and VERY picky about what he/she thinks should be on subreddit. I posted about being irritated by certain sounds people make, asking if it’s an ADHD thing, got a few responses, but he/she locked it saying “ANYONE could have these problems with these sounds. This is NOT an ADHD THING!”

Another situation was a funny post I made about ADHD. It was deleted with the reason “We don’t allow low effort or joke posts. Take it to ADHDmemes or something.”

I totally have no problem with it being deleted. I should have read the rules more carefully. It’s just that last line. It’s a perfect example of this mod’s attitude. It’s kinda of aggressive/blunt. Not a great attitude for a subreddit for sensitive people who probably mean well.

I also think that people on there can be very confrontational about anyone who isn’t officially diagnosed yet. If you’re not, they take everything you say with a very heavy grain of salt. Look, I know I can’t self diagnose. I’m in the process of getting a professional to, and it’s complicated. In the meantime, I feel very lost and I think I may have finally found what’s wrong with me all these years. Maybe a LITTLE more compassion could be appropriate?


I just joined this community because I was banned from r/adhd after disagreeing with some very childish moderator there who I guess banned me out of spite, though I ironically have zero interest in being there while that moderator is there.

Glad there are alternatives, though I’ve already been white knuckling my (fairly severe) ADHD for my entire life, so at this point I am OK to go it alone if need be.


@gleventhal , you certainly are welcome here on the HowToADHD forums!

Feel free to share your views. Be respectful of others’ views. We have lots of meaningful discussions here.

FYI - you can find links to the Terms of Service and the FAQ/Guidelines at:

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