I'm really struggling bieng stuck at home

Hi everyone, I have been really struggling being stuck at home due to covid. I have been really stressed and depressed because of it. All my summer jobs I had in place didnt work out because of covid. I could really use some encouragement and some ideas to keep me busy. I know I’m not the only one struggling I thought we could talk about it and encourage one and other also thought we could share things that has helped us and has kept us busy. I know for my bieng out side with my dog helps.


I really struggled at first, too. I got back into some old hobbies, like crocheting… artsy/crafty things have helped me a lot, and I always have some kind of soothing background noise while I do it, or I’ll play a YouTube video to learn a new stitch or pattern! I’m thinking about trying my hand at painting again – it has been a while. I agree that getting outside and being around pets is helpful. I’ve rearranged my bedroom, since I’m spending so much time in here, now (teleworking)… because why not? – I didn’t like the layout before… I am not a huge fan of the layout, now, so I might change it up again soon. I had to start setting alarms for myself so that I could remember what day of the week it is and what I’m supposed to be doing and at what times… I’ve been attending a lot of meetings via Zoom (such as 12-step kind of meetings), and I have been using Zoom to video chat with family and friends (which, IMHO, is better than being completely alone in times when I’m feeling lonely). Oh, I started writing letters to an old friend, too! We used to correspond a lot that way, and I really enjoyed it, but I’d been too emotionally/mentally unwell and exhausted for several months and was unable to write (anything, really)… I sent her a doodle on black paper with gel pens for the 4th of July, LOL… so nostalgic :grin:


That’s great!!! I like to change the layout of my room often too so I might do that. Thanks hope you get back in to painting!!


One of the things about being bored and/or fed up is that at that moment you don’t feel like doing the things that seemed like a great idea before you started feeling down. Worse still, I usually can’t even remember what those great ideas were at that moment :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:

My son uses a brilliant solution to this though: he has a big mat on his desk covered with paper. It’s for leaning on and doodling on and whatever. One day he started a list of ‘things I’ve been meaning to do’ or ‘would like to do when I have time’ or something like that. It included all sorts of stuff, sports, creativity, social things (‘arrange to see a friend in real life’ was one of the things I think). It was intended as a ‘go to’ list when you’re just starting to head for time wasting depressing nothingness, and it wasn’t a coincidence that he put it where he would see it when he headed for his computer, which had become like the only activity he did when he was bored or just had nothing else specifically planned.

The great thing was that having that list under his nose so often really helped him to remember that all those fun things existed at all, so he often did them without looking at the list for an idea.

(So how come I don’t have a list like this, I am now wondering?!!!)


For me I found that reconnecting to old hobbies that took some significant time helped. For me that was video games, a little bit of reading, and watching things like TV or movies. I hadn’t gotten time to do all that during the regular hustle and bustle prior to COVID-19. I find that it’s really important to do basic things for self care. Like Jessica said in this video - How to Be Okay in a Crisis - it’s important to remember that these are unusual times and it’s going to be okay to feel bored, angry, hurt, exhausted, lonely, sad, etc. Make sure that you’re giving yourself permission to not be doing everything and also finding ways to get the support that you might need. I’ve also found that I come to the forums here a lot more during all this.

In general though, know that you have the strength to get through this. I’m sure you’ve gotten through horrible things in the past. It can be good to reflect back on that. Think of all the horrible things that have happened and how in the moment you might have thought that you couldn’t get through it or that it wouldn’t end. In those cases, at least most of them, things did end and you were able to come out on the other side. You will in this case too.

And at the end of the day you’re awesome. If you need to hear that from other people, no worries. You’re valuable, worthwhile, special, and amazing.


Thank you so much this is very helpful


In addition to coming to this forum multiple times a day I:

:white_check_mark: Meditate
:white_check_mark: Exercise (yoga, dumbbells, exercise bike)
:white_check_mark: Watch TV (both mindless & educational)
:white_check_mark: Walk the dog
:white_check_mark: Call family & friends
:white_check_mark: Paint Abstract “masterpieces” . . . Not
:white_check_mark: Listen to old time radio shows
:white_check_mark: Listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Shostakovich, etc
:white_check_mark: E-mail my congressional representatives to advocate
:white_check_mark: Eat
:white_check_mark: Sleep
:white_check_mark: Shop on-line
:white_check_mark: Mow the lawn
:white_check_mark: Water the garden (beans, tomatoes, and zucchini
:white_check_mark: Clean
:white_check_mark: Don’t clean
:white_check_mark: Reschedule cleaning
:white_check_mark: Eat :joy:
:white_check_mark: sleep :joy:
:white_check_mark: Zoom meetings (Quaker, Climate Change, Book grp.)
:white_check_mark: Obsess
:white_check_mark: Obsess
:white_check_mark: Obsess
:white_check_mark: Worry
:white_check_mark: Obsess​:joy:
:white_check_mark: Worry :joy:
:white_check_mark: Pun
:white_check_mark: Promise not to pun
:white_check_mark: Pun :joy:

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