Im worried about finding the right adhd med for me

So I have finally been able to start trying adhd medication but im worried about how it’ll effect me

Im pretty sure this isn’t true but if I take adhd medicine that works for me I won’t loose my ability to create millions of ideas all at once right? I’ll just be able to focus when I want to focus and think ideas when I want to think?

Thank you for answering my question if you happen to want to answer it! I dont know if this has been asked before and I just want to ask it again so that way I can worry less even if someone in the past asked it because my brain worries it somehow may have changed? Idk why but yeah thats all! Thanks yall!


Everybody responds differently. You will only know when you try the medication.

I suggest keeping a written log of your observations of how you feel and how you respond to the medication. Make note of any changes, especially any changes that you find to be helpful or hindering.

Remember to be patient. Treating ADHD is a journey.

Remember also that you are much more than ADHD. You are a multidimensional being gifted with a great capacity for self-determination. In other words, I fully believe that you are capable of great creativity, whether your ADHD is controlled or not.

My response to ADHD medications has included a dramatic decrease in the random thoughts popping into my head all the time. I had previously thought of this as having less creativity, but my ability to be creative isn’t decreased, and I am able to be much more directed in what I do with it.

So, I don’t think that my creative power has been reduced at all. My creativity is less spontaneous, but I think I’m able to create more of that’s where I put my efforts. (I haven’t really put this to the test. I’ve just got so much going on right now.)


beautifully stated.

thank you this helped a lot! this is what i was trying to make sure was the case!