Hi guys I thought I would share this with you. So last night after work a coworker asks me if I want to join him for a beer. I say way not thinking its only a BEER well needless to say it was not one beer ended with 6 draft beers and then we headed out to a club. It’s Halloween night so the place was packed too and walked in a few mates and so we had a few drinks 5 double rum and cokes. Then the original guy that invited me picked up a girl so i went and dropped them off and headed out to the other club and walked into another guy i know had a beer. Got in bed at 3 AM suppose to be working at 7 AM I woke up at 11 AM.

Do these things happen to any of you?

I do the burning the candle at both ends thing, the going with the flow thing, and the being late for work thing. These days I don’t drink much (I have a mortal dread of throwing up, which taught me a few lessons about alcohol in my late teens. I still drank too much, but stopped just short of that point. Years later I gave up alcohol for a while, now I drink a little but am lucky that doesn’t lead me astray any more.)

Your story makes me wonder though… Did you kind of do this because you actually don’t like your job any more? I ask because sometimes when I sabotage stuff it leads me to realise there’s something I need to fix.

If you have a great job that you love, however, then maybe posting this means you are thinking of changing your drinking habits and are gearing up to that?

On the other hand, I manage to be late for work without the excuse of being KO… What does that say about me.?!

Well in all honesty I just should not get bored. If I get bored things like this happen. Well I think it might be acting out due the fact that I do not like my current job. I am however studying part time so it is soon to change. Thank you very much for your replay

Ha! My Miss Marple skills are working then :wink:

Good luck with the course, and I hope you get a nicer job after that :smiley:

…holy crap this explains everything.