in school perform poorer in subjects you disliked to ADHD

Did you perform less well in subjects you did not like possibly due to ADHD and other conditions ?

I did well Maths & Science, Geography, French and English Language.

I struggled with English literature maybe due to aspergers traits .

I was the worst in the class in sport. I hated rugby, but I have dyspraxia as well.


I acctualy jsut went over this with someone at my school at how Its easier to focus on subjects/classes that i am interested in but it is hard for me in classes i dont enjoy as much


In university I blitzed the subjects I loved…the maths, physics, and diseases subjects, but was beyond appalling at ones I found either boring or irrelevant like chemistry(particularly organic chemistry), ophthalmic optics, and biochemistry.
I was fortunate to be born with really good reflexes and swam about 7km(4.3miles) per day as a competitive swimmer from age 12-17, played competitive football(soccer), and did about 35-45 miles per week running from ages 15-19. Unfortunately, heavy self-medicating with alcohol turned into polysubstance abuse from age 19-27.


I simply was too smart for my age.
My parents put me in school a year earlier than average. That meant that i was the ever youngest and physically weakest of the pack. And still i was bored at school since most of the times i already knew interesting parts of knowledge, and uninteresting were, well, uninteresting. So, i hated it alltogether, all the 10 years of it. It wasn’t really good for me from both social and learning points of view.
It was typical of me to be able to solve exercizes of one or two grades higher, and then get a lot of lowest grades because i simply hadn’t done any boring homework. My parents struggled with it couple of years and then gave up. I thank them, since it was already sucking enough.
It was practically destined that i’d be bored, but it would be easier is i wasn’t the weakest guy around. If anyone considering getting their child to school early, please don’t. Mentality of a weakling is hard to owerwrite, i had to work a lot both physically and mentally on my own later.

I changed three schools, tried myself in two different trade schools, even got the entry exams in the university, but the most i could squeeze out of myself is single semester - i just couldn’t make myself to any scheduled learning. Went back to the last of the three and finished it - well, i used to get there to sleep, while using rest of the day to put an old car together and the night to browse internet to learn all the different interesting stuff. I was ~16 then.

Interesting part of the equation is that my wife, whom i met at first trade school, finished it. And then finished a university. And it simply took a lot of her time, sizable amount of money, and doesn’t seem to do us any good. She works at a simple job, simple high school would have been enough. I hope to be able to earn enough that both of us could leave all those jobs altogether.


I struggle A LOT with math. I remember in kindergarten I got a c (the lowest grade in my country) in my report card in math, then in third grade, every single exam and exercise I would get a c, and even tho all my teachers and my sister tried to make me understand I just couldn’t, then 4th grade, I was struggling a lot with multiplication and my mom would make me resolve 6-9 multiplications daily ofr like three days, and everytime I would get one wrong she would add three more, I usually got half of them wrong, which ended up on me being super overwhelmed and crying because I felt dumb, also, complex subjects on specific things, like laguage arts, and sometimes science, and now im in high school, i feel like a bunch of new info has been dumped on me and I have to catch up constantly cause i cant concentrate and even if i manage to, I forget instantly or I focus so much on focusing that I don’t listen.