Initial evaluation during covid restrictions...

Hi Everybody

I am east of Indianapolis, and the place I was referred to for evaluation keeps saying they are not open for evaluations yet and they do not know when they will be. Does anybody have any advice on finding somewhere to get evaluated, or know of somewhere in the Indianapolis area that can do testing? Or better yet are there any providers that will do the evaluations remotely? Is it something that can be done remotely? So many questions for a first post… sorry about that :slight_smile:


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For me, I find the easiest way to find providers is to use Google Maps. Enter your location and then select “Search Nearby.” Type in “counseling” and see what agencies come up. I would recommend a clinic over a private practice provider. You can contact the clinic directly to see if they are doing telehealth appointments, and mention you’d like to seek care for ADHD evaluation.

Some places will balk at that, as there is a lot of stigma around ADHD. If they say no, then keep calling.

Some places will also want you to get neuropsychological testing as part of the evaluation which can take some time to get. It’s actually not very helpful in terms of the diagnosis, but some providers want it done.

I find that you can also look for providers through places like CHADD but they’re not always the most up-to-date.

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Welcome here for your first visit. Nothing to be sorry about!
While I do not have any suggestions . . . others here very well might. Best of luck to you!!

B :sunglasses:

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Found a place to get evaluated, thanks for the support. First appointment is Monday.