Insomnia and work stress and effect on my health

I’m sorry I’m a bit erratic on here, usually it’s when I can’t sleep that I have time to come here and I’m still learning how to find all the new posts

Anyway my job is undergoing a restructure and by the end of October we will know what that structure will be like. I will have to apply for a job no matter what…which is my worst nightmare.
But it could turn out great, I could get my exact current job and get a better boss.

Or I could end up homeless.

Anyway the stress is affecting everyone, including our boss who has been pushing us like mad to do a project and then at the last minute cancelled it…… even though I thought we did a great job.

And we’ve really been killing ourselves over it. And then she sends out a thing not to work more than 8 hours a day, but every conversation becomes about the restructure and so our work takes longer while we debrief and look after each other emotionally, yet if I finish work too early I will end up not getting to all my client emails!?

And now I have what we think is eczema on the top of my feet…. Which itches all night and doesn’t help me sleep… I’ve had almost no sleep the last three nights and of course the rash is due to stress, due to the restructure… snd theyre giving me a hard time for not being st eork buy like…. Not every medical issue is predictable or manageable, and I’m sure you guys all know thst applies to sleep too!

So I got told off like a naughty school girl, instead of being asked how I am and what happened and what can we do next time?

I’m so tired… I’m so angry at my manager flip flopping on us… and I don’t want to do my job while my future hangs in the balance….

None of us feels respected… 13.5 oriole fighting it out for 10 roles… even though they swear it’s not a cost cutting restructure…… so why fewer staff working with the clients?

Work was my safe haven, it’s my only social outlet… I’m 70% sure I’ll get another job in the organisation, but there’s still the stress of the new structure, new rules, new bosses to learn to deal with…

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